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Eating QWISO straight?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by willdavis, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I've used the search button both on google and grasscity...

    So as the title says can I just eat the QWISO i get straight and get high? I was planning on putting the oil in capsules and eating them. I know smoking it may be more potent but I don't want to smoke it. Thanks!
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    Thats kinda like saying "Well i got this cheeseburger and I know im supposed to eat it, but I dont want to. I want to shred it up and drink it or shove it through my ears"

    Just do it the right way. You're not going to find some revolutionary way to get 150% higher by eating QWISO. Its meant to be put on top of bowls and smoked. That is its purpose in this life.

    edit: But hey, if you wanna eat somehting nasty and not get high. Go for it!

    p.s. thc needs heat/fat to be activated and able to cause effect. Alcohol has neither.
  3. the "cheeseburger" was a half O of the shittiest mids i have ever seen/smelled. It looked more like coffee than weed and would take like 4 bowl (I am very low tolerance) to get high. So I made a ton of oil but i planned on being high at work a few days this week so I was wondering if I could put it in capsules.

    Don't people spread oil on crackers and bread and shit and eat it to get high? idk..
  4. You have to be careful with anything made with isopropyl alcohol since it is NOT ok to ingest. I would assume if you want to eat what you made, you would need to be sure that all the alcohol has been removed. Either that or make some that's safe using glycerin or bacardi 151/everclear or some other oil. you could vape the oil....
  5. Yeah all the iso is evaporated... just wondering would a capsule of it get me high?
  6. I would advise against using it at all. Bad weed is often from bad growers, and has pesticides, chemicals, and all kinds of nasty on it. You just concentrated them, plus added a known toxin. I'd simply throw it away.
  7. You can indeed eat it and will be balls to the wall high. Be careful because it will take awhile to kick in.

  8. Then it wasn't mids, it was shwag.

    Ton of oil from 14grams of nasty shwag?

  9. ICGreen is wrong, and giving you misinformation.

    Eating it straight could harm you, and wouldn't get you high.

    I wouldn't even suggest smoking it.

    THROW IT AWAY. Buy some better weed, and make BHO, or just smoke the new weed straight. It's not worth the potentially harmful effects of eating Isopropyl, or pesticides/chems.
  10. :rolleyes::rolleyes: Really? What is wrong with you? The Isopropyl is evaporated out. There are no indications that chemicals were ever used. Just because it is a low quality herb does not mean it was fucked. Folks put QWISO in capsules all the time (although I do prefer BHO) and also use it in cooking. :smoke:
  11. ICGreen, I'm not attacking you, I'm questioning what you're are saying. Nothings wrong with me, and I'm not saying something is wrong with you.

    Shitty, brown, nasty weed tends to be mexi-brick, or grown by people in the states who don't know what they are doing. This often leads to the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc. That's not something I want to ingest, nor would I suggest others ingest it, especially when it's concentrated into a hash extract.

    As for the question of whether Iso evaporates completely, that's debatable. Lab grade Isopropyl, stored in glass, does. Store grade, stored in plastic, might. Who knows what you're actually getting? Maybe its filled with BPA.

    Isopropyl will evaporate completely on a clean, non-porous surface, however, a sticky substance, like hash, will definitely retain gaseous traces. Isopropyl alcohol contains toxins designed to make you BLIND if you drink it. Do you really want that in your system? Even a little bit of it?

    If you want to cook with something, make BHO with good herb. Or may QWethyl.

    Basically, it sounds like bad news to me. Don't eat it.

  12. First of all, Butane is MUCH more toxic to the human body by weight than iso is, secondly, its all purged out during the evaporation, if you did it correctly.

    Third, if there were pesticides, both qwiso and BHO would have them in it..... if it was a pesticide that was solvent to either.....

    and third, if your going to eat it, you NEED to decarboxylate it first... i eat my qwiso all the fucking time, dont listen to any haters out there qwiso can be easily as good as bho, you need to have the skills though

  13. Thats what im saying. 14 grams of nasty reggie,
    might get you a gram of some nasty oil. Not a ton.

    People use the term mids for anything not dank..
    Mids for us used to not exist.
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    here is the thing, with a TINY amount of heat, you can guarantee your qwiso is fully purged, actually ill go as far to say as your making a fool of yourself above. Again Butane is much more deadly to humans, also much more explosive, and a much denser gas is created from it.... high risks right there.... i dunno what you mean by "lab grade" any iso you buy is either 99% pretty much pure iso, or iso and water, both of which are fully evaporating substances.... Ive made, SO much qwiso, smoked so much ,eaten so much... i have perfect fucking eye sight...

    You are crazy lol

    Ive come across MUCH more poorly purged BHO in my life than qwiso....
  15. That's cool. Do the heat purging thing. I've never heard of it, but it sounds like it may make it somewhat safer. I still wouldn't eat it, and I still don't recommend eating something that's come in contact with Iso. Then again, you're not me. I don't eat BHO either, but from what I'd heard, it takes a lot less effort to make sure BHO is properly purged.

    Methyl alcohol, which is added to Isopropyl, is toxic. I wouldn't want that in my system, no matter how small the quantity. Obviously, the quantity of methyl that could exist in the hash is minuscule, it wouldn't make you entirely lose your eyesight, but it still can't be good. Who knows, maybe with this massive amount of Qwiso you've claimed to eat, you'll start to see (haha, pun) some macular degeneration.

    Also, regarding the pesticides thing, I only said that it's a possibility in schwaggy weed. I advocated looking for, or at least confirming the safety of solvent hash making processes, and using better weed. Better weed would result in cleaner hash.

    Lastly, I didn't state that it needed to be decarboxylated to do anything, but I meant to. I did allude to it however, as I said that eating it straight "wouldn't get you high."

  16. Um, have you ever made oil... the process of purging BHO is usually requiring of other things, you CAN 100% purge iso by just letting it sit..... BHO is usually vacuum or heat purged lol.......

    And again, Butane is still nearly twice as deadly to a human as iso, and if someone was to consume enough iso to go blind, its only temporary... and it would require... generally more iso, than you would need to eat in oil to even harm you....

    Your playing it off as if qwiso is dangerous and shit, when in all actuality you could blow your entire fucking house up making BHO lol....
    they are both risky to an extent.... iso is flammable, BHO is explosive.... ISO causes blindness, half as much butane will kill you...

    Qwiso is cheaper... but not as easy to produce the same quality.... but, the qwiso i makes, DESTROYS any bho i have come across, and any and ALL of my friends, or anyone who has had my qwiso agrees with that hahah
  17. As long as nobody tries to verbally punch me in the throat, i want to chime in...butane is inert in gaseous form to humans, explosive yes, inert tho. Read non-toxic. Isopropal alcohol is not. The residual in evaporated isopropol alcohol's methal component are as follows: methyl groups 0.001%, formaldehyde 0.001%, acetaldehyde 0.001%, bear in mind that these are considered biologically cummulative over time. Just something to consider.

  18. Did you just say, the gas produced from butane is non-toxic?

    Im sorry, but thats what i got, and thats, not true

    or by inert did you mean, not combustable, because butane is highly fucking explosive in its gas form

  19. Where did the methane come from? I was under the impression that Isopropyl and water are the only ingredients. :confused:

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