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Eating pure cannabis

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by superskunksmoke, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. When I have grown my plants I will be using some to make hash but I was wondering if I put the strongest leaves and stalks into a blender and blended them the finest possible and then compressed them into blocks, would I be able to bake them and get high? Has anyone done this because that way its just cannabis your eating
  2. nah you could use em to make cannabudder though and use that to make some bomb edibles.

    or you could do a iso extraction, or even better a BHO extraction. you could smoke the yeild or put it into edibles as well.
  3. Ah rite so cannabutter is the basis for most edibles then im guessing. I haven't used edibles before which is weird considering I have smoked for 4 years since 16 lol. Thanks
  4. SMOKE BLUNTS errday
  5. Yeah I don't smoke tobacco so blunts are the way but im buying some palm leaf skins to try soon
  6. I ate a nug once. pretty nice body high.
    Note: Don't ask why i ate a nug.... /drunk
  7. Why did you eat a nug?

  8. i'm going to guess that was just a placebo effect from you being drunk :rolleyes:
  9. Weird. Don't usually see English tokers that don't smoke tobacco.

  10. When I trimmed my first plants, my straggler (oops I cut you off) buds Ill chew like chewing tobacco. Ive swallowed a few before. I was pretty stoned.. I dunno if it was the weed, or I was tired (cause ill smoke too while trimming, its a must) but I got high.. I also ate alot too. lolol Many mistakes that night lol
    Ohh and finger hash smoked that too.. So Im not sure how I got stoned but I was...
  11. Although it is very nutritious, you would need to eat 5 times the amount of weed you would normally smoke to feel the same effects. Better to diffuse into oil. Or smoke. Or Vape. Eating a nug is a waste.
  12. Basically my original question was, can I grind a quarter up and press it into a block, wrap it in foil and cook it? Maybe it doesn't work, im not sure
  13. #13 BadKittySmiles, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    It's a pretty big waste of your potency, but it can work (just not for all people, and not as well for some, as it does for others) if you eat/waste enough. Without the right processing, your body passes much more potency entirely through your digestive tract, or 'in one end and out the other', than it delivers to your blood stream.

    Activation, or decarboxylation, is just the first step when making oil.. we use the edible solvents we do (oil, alcohol, glycerin etc.) because they facilitate the absorption of that potency. :)

    Even eating activated hash, whether it's sifted or BHO, is a HUGE waste.. a bigger waste, really, considering the added effort of making the hash, just to eat it and miss out on the majority of the potency it contains. :(

    Edit - The 'effect' people feel from eating raw bud is primarily the terpene content.. it's a nice, mild feeling, but it's not your cannabinoids doing the trick!
    Terpenes have analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-mutagenic and other medicinal and therapeutic properties, all of their own. They are responsible for the small heady sensations you may feel after a few hours of trimming, and for the slightly intoxicating effect police officers experience when clearing out a bust. :)

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