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Eating problems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goro the puffer, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I started college two weeks ago and I'm lovin it. I wake up every morning but refrain from smoking, and at the end of the day I smoke myself retarded. When I wake up again, I can't eat.. I smoke 2-3 ciggs and chug a espresso. I feel energetic but not comfy, Im used to smoking a lot.. I took it down a lot since back in the day but i still kill like an eigth of mids every 2-3 days and thats callin it conservative.. Im full of energy, can't eat, don't feel relaxed at all. All i ate today was a veggie burger at a campus thingy and i only ate half.. I was about to barf. Bah, i ended up havin class til 7 and only like ate a half an apple. Got me some weed, now chiefed and blazed, probably gonna get the munchies soon as usual, grub a fuckload and sleep..

    What can I do?
  2. you seem to have the same problem I used to have. at nights I smoke my self cross-eyed and get the munchies and stuff my face, and then go to sleep, then I woke up and felt sick and couldn't bring myself to eat untill I finally smoked again later that night and got the munchies back and eat a lot, then smoke one more bowl and go to sleep.

    I'll tell you from experience, if your smoking a bowl or joint or however you do it RIGHT the second before you go to sleep, then when you wake up your going to feel sickish and not like eating. I found that keeping an hour or so or even two from the time I smoked to the time I go to sleep, so that way im coming down from the weed and not still high when I sleep. I started feeling better in the mornings and can eat now.

    I'm really baked right now so that probably all looked like chinese. all I'm saying is just don't smoke right before you go to sleep.
  3. cannabutter! eat your weed!
    sounds like the guy above me has a solution to try first, though
  4. yo man, im in college too, ive been here for 3 years now. i wake up feelin shitty every day, and normally, the only way i can stomach any kind of food in the AM, is when i smoke a little chillum. i always get super high in the morning, and it settles my stomach and i end up eating much more. same goes for any time i need to eat, i just dont have a big enough appetite to fufill my daily energy needs, so i smoke, get hungry and chow down.

    it sounds like a bit of a stoner cop-out, but really, smoking a little herb in thr morning will help you fill your stomach before clasess. i hate getting to class and like 40 minutes in being hungry as shit but still feeling sick.
  5. Same deal here when I smoke a lot. It's the munchies fucking up your eating schedule just like waking up late a lot or staying up late makes it hard to wake up early. it sucks cause ow I get hungry in the middle of classes instead of around noon.

    BTW when I saw your avatar I was like "Wakka wakka wakka" but i couldn't figure out for the first five minutes why I was doing that lol. Stupid Pac-man :p
  6. im not medically trained, but i suggest smoking more weed.
  7. Hurray for Weeeeed!!! :D :p :D :d :D
  8. I've lost 3 stone since i started smokin full, i'm in the same situation now but i dont question it as i was almost 19 stone and am now 15.10 i feel much better for it....

    Unless your mega loosing weight leave it be, smoke more green sure but if your really worried eat some of those chewable vitamins, you will notice a difference. stay off the coffee and when you get munchies eat a full meal something like Cantonese Chicken with Rice...
    Dont eat at least 2 hours b4 bed, and dont give in to munchies (eat fruit if you get munchies)

    So... recap, Eat fruit for munchies and stop eating 2 hours before bed, you should be feeling much better by the 3rd day mate, and should be ok for breakfast and such.
    Whether you choose to take vitamins or not is your call but the above works for me.


    Hope this helps.
  9. I dont know if this works with your general daily pattern but smoking a fuckin great J first thing in the morning works too :D Gotta love a Wake 'n' Bake

  10. chiefed a bowl, im still baked kind of.
    didnt get munchies.. all im doing is drinking water, 1 coffee and half an orange and a couple of scoops of cheerios (didnt realize it was the lower cholesterol version for my mom)
  11. Nice one... You wanted the advice and i choose to give it,arn't you supposed to be at college... childish remarks like "didnt realize it was the lower cholesterol version for my mom" dont help, and fortunately dont effect me as to others :rolleyes:

    Next time goto your GP if your worried.
  12. Plan a set schedule when you'll eat, i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner and smoke right after you eat your meals, that way the munchies won't kick in, also keep fruit and water around, you'll thank yourself.
  13. thats all i eat fruit and water
    some home cooked meat at times, rice and pastas.. soups.. good diet, that's why im gettin skinny, don't eat as much junk food as I used to. I maybe go eat out like only couple of times a month, that's also cause all my broke college kid ass gets goes towards weed and books
  14. maybe its the heat dude, if its hot i just don't eat alot.

    OR, maybe its the fact that your so used to eating so little, that your just NOT HUNGRY.

    Have a good one main.
  15. same thing happened to me when i slowed down my smoking, it will pass. You'll soon remember what it's like to get hungry without weed lol. It's a good feeling once you can eat without forcing yourself to.

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