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  1. I have been having problems eating for a couple years now, my weight ranges from 55-60kgs (never goes over or under that.

    I'm never hungry in the mornings, eat hardly any for lunch because I just dont have the appetite to eat much, same with dinner.

    Now, this is where marijuana comes in. I have been smoking it not too often due to lack of money income. But each time I smoke, I can eat anything and everything and I fine and dandy..

    I went to the doctor and told her everything and said to her that I personally thing i have a big problem.

    All she does is recommend a multi-vitamin. Which apparently should get my appetite back.

    The doctor said that I should quit smoking marijuana because my appetite problem is apparently all in my head.....

    In my opinion, the doctor didn't help. So im sitting here writing this after not having lunch and had a little sandwich for dinner which I could hardly down.

  2. Man, I know the feeling. He is right though, it's all in your head. Sometimes it seems my stomach just needs some time. That's usually when I chill out hella baked and eat too much bad shit consecutively. If you want your appetite back, you can try just listening to the lack of appetite and waiting until there is no doubt in your mind that you WANT to eat.
  3. I'm not anorexic, I WANT to eat, I love eating. I just cant stomach it.
  4. are you healthy?
    i think if you are healthy a=you should just listen to your body.
    it knows best for you.
    all these rules and regulations.
    or if your truly worring about about your food intake you should try juicing maybe.
    great way to get nutrients in a jiffy.
  5. Do you take a multivitamin? it is very important.

    I personally have minor problems with not being able to stomach foods. What I do is eat 5-6 smaller meals spaced throughout the day that are more like big snacks then meals. I also just sort of push through it and its not so bad anymore.
  6. Yeah, I understand that. You don't have an appetite though right? The thought of food makes your stomach feel ill? I mean just wait until being able to stomach it or not is not even present in your mind... Then you can appreciate the food again. 5 days did it for me a few years ago.
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    YO I just went through the same experience of losing my appetite, BUT the last two days have been weird because I got my appetite back to normal. I think that it's just a sign of withdrawal as well as not being able to sleep. It happend to me after I tried cutting down from 2-3 sessions to 1 session per day. What I did do was exercise(basketball) and I felt like shit after the first 3 days and STILL didn't feel hungry. But now it's day 5 and I feel like my hunger calls me to devour a 4x4 in-n-out burger. I say try a light workout and try increasing the intensity like every 3 days.
  8. 3rd day on multivitamins, And i'm loving it, I have been hungry all day and eaten alot :). I can see big change.

    I was thinking that its withdrawl too because I havn't smoked in about 2 weeks.

    The question is, to smoke? or not to smoke?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I am finally awake during the day, before I was NONSTOP tired. :)
  9. drink a weight gainer shake in da mornin, go to google shopping type in cheap weight gainer powder, drink that in a shake with milk choco syrup honey and anythign else high in cal, over time you will gain weight, and the more cal u get in over time your body will naturally be more hungry, also workout helps

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