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Eating or smoking for RLS?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CityCoast, May 4, 2011.

  1. well ever since I started smoking Cannabis, my RLS problems seemed to almost vanish.


    I will still get it from time to time, usually it's when I get no sleep at night(have trouble sleeping too). I've never had any edible form of it, and people say it gives more of a body high which particularly involve the legs & does last a lot longer.. so should eating be a lot more effective to help with my RLS? and possibly my sleep too?
  2. I was relatively-recently diagnosed with Witmaack - Ekbom Syndrome (i refer to it by the "clinical name" because my case is more severe then RLS [nerve/muscle activity, sometimes painfull] and happens to every nerve/muscle in my body. I dont have a visible twitch or anything, i can just feel it. THAT is the worst because then i have nothing to prove to people.) but I've been a long time smoker.

    i find that heavy medical strains are phenomenal for it. smoking is an instant relief that lasts a decent amount of time, but edibles are ultimately more effective. a strong brownie will leave me with a light body high (never reacted strongly to edibles, but they've always been well-made. once was from a dispensary in Colorado, lol), but the WES was almost non-existant while I felt the primary effects. However, edibles don't "take my mind off of it" (if you know what i mean) like smoking does.

    For what it's worth, I have been very successful with the combination of Gabapentin and smoked (or vaporized. same medicinal effect on this condition from what I've noticed) cannabis. i'll take 300-600 mgs of the gaba during the day (normally 3 in the am and 3 at work). and smoke as needed/as I can (not gonna lie, i've always <3'd cannabis). works wonders.
  3. I'd recommend vaporization. It's as instant as smoking and less harmful to the body. Will also make you less tired! :}

    Just reread and noticed you want to get some sleep.

    Making edibles from the left over vapoo from vaporizing will knock your ass out :]

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