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Eating on an empty stomach?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Rampipe, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Do you find your edibles to be most effective on a full or empty stomach? This is somewhat time sensitive because I am starving and I'm thinking about eating a brownie or two in addition to a decently large meal. I've never tried two at once either, but every time I've had just one from this batch I don't get too high, just afflicted with an incredible laziness.

  2. I've found form e personally, with edibles, it doesn't matter
  3. I figured it wouldn't since they just keep truckin all day... time to blastoff.
  4. You inspired me to pull one of my potent cookies from the freezer TGIF!
  5. eatin on an empty stomach works better for me
  6. yeah trust me dude ive had quite a few brownies in my time, and all I can say is, the only thing that changes is how QUICK it hits you - strength isnt usually effected i've found.

    So, on an empty stomach, it hits much quicker - 45mins - 1hr 15mins

    or full stomach - 1hr 45mins - 2 hours

    enjoy em!
  7. id say eating on a empty stomach will hit you quicker. but probably still the same effect
  8. I had one for breakfast today on an empty stomach (same as one the earlier in this thread). I would say it hit faster and maybe lived a bit shorter too. Bit more intense, especially at start.

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