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Eating kush?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Swag0D, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I bought a G of kush last night at a party (all my friends got blowed EXCEPT me -_-, but anyway) I came home this morning with about .5 G and realized I didn't have shit to smoke out of nor anywhere to smoke it cuz i'm at mi madre's. Just wondering if it would be unheard of to take a TINY piece of a nug and ingest it. idc about the taste, just if its safe and will it get me high. this shit is pretty fuckin dank but its not sour or widow so i'd figure a tiny piece won't hurt.
  2. it wont work
  3. heat activated... i just read elsewhere... well what's the simplest way to cook it?
  4. ive eaten like a quad ina rush (gotta do what you gotta do in tough spots) of some bomb sour d and it didnt do shit although the next day i woke up and felt like i had smoke a quad yesterday, i was all groggy n what not
  5. make a firecracker it wont be that strong cause your suppose to use a G but a half would be ok
  6. I've tried tea, got me buzzed on such a little amount. Search for a recipe

  7. are you sure thats right? dont you usually make firecrackers with reggie? if so the kush would be WAY too strong.
  8. make a firecracker. .5 is a good amount for that.
  9. someone recently posted a good recipe for tea. and it only called for a half gram you should search around and find it

  10. again, most of these called for reggie... i need to know proportions for dank.
  11. .5 of "dank" will be fine dude
  12. Yea man....make a firecracker with all of that... and decarb it first! lol it irks me when people use kush as a reference for dank weed.. but it really may be some kush who knows :cool: you gon' be high :devious:
  13. Firecrackers are 'worst-case-scenario' edibles. They are best suited for people who are in a rush, or for people who are in situations where, for whatever reason, they absolutely can not make a real/proper edible.

    They are not as potent, which is why they require much more material... you're activating and absorbing much less of the potency available, when you cut so many corners with processing. They're processed too fast, too hot, and with a solvent (oil source) that is far from being pure. As a result, more material is required, to compensate for the increased amount wasted. :)

    Just make a small amount of oil if you want the best, and most reliable effect; heat up some butter until the water evaporates, scoop off milk solids as they appear, and after 10 - 15 minutes of that, drop your decarbed herb into it.
    Better, if you have an oven, let it heat gently at 220 f for at least an hour and a half, before consuming. When you're finished, you can choose to strain or not (I prefer to strain). Then just mix your oil with a little powdered sugar, and either cocoa or peanut butter, and you have some super simple, quickie-fudge canna truffles. ;)

    Even if you don't have much time and you need to rush, you can use the time you do have, as well as possible, by using a pure oil source, rather than one contaminated with peanut solids and water.

    Edible cannabis has the potential to be MUCH more powerful, than smoking the same amount... but only with the right processing. :) Otherwise, if you rush it, you'll need to multiply the amount you need to achieve the desired effect.

  14. its definitely kush. had my best friend on his ass yesterday...

    i might just wait and make somethin more potent tho. i'm tryna be high for thanksgiving anyway. eating EVERYTHING.

    thanks for the replies guys. :]

  15. Lololoplolololololol :laughing:
  16. It's half a gram, you're pretty limited dude. And "kush" is fine for edibles. Weed is weed afterall.
  17. You can make a one-time use waterfall bong with ease. All you need is a water bottle and a knife.

    1.Make a small hole in the bottle cap, and a carb hole on the side, near the bottom of the water bottle.

    2. Fill with water with your finger on the carb hole. Have the weed in little nugs on the top of the cap over the hole.

    3. Now, start lighting the weed, and take your finger off the carb. If you light it well, the bottle will do the rest.

    4. Once its full, remove the cap, and take the hit.

    5. Repeat if needed.

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