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eating high compared to the smoking high?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CeR01, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. well im eating 2 firecrackers right now whats the high like
  2. Shit, you tell us.
  3. I havent eatten weed yet but I hear its more of an intense body high.

    correct me if Im wrong!
  4. yeah get ready for a body high, its pretty unique. i hope you used organic peanut butter or dont expect nearly as much
  5. the high might take as long as an hour and half to set in, but after that it is intense
  6. how do you make firecrackers
  7. If the weed makes my heart race when I smoke it, will it be the same if I eat it?
  8. I heard you get blown more than you do smoking. Never eaten weed thou
  9. i find its mostly a sativa high.. more of a trippy, floaty energetic high.
    i think its because when we bake em at 320 its just hot enough for the THC to be released but not some of the other cannabinoids? idk. i never get a stony high but i'm interested in finding out how to get a stoned high from edibles if anyone knows.

  10. Yes, but it will beat 10 times faster
  11. ive done both many times and eating it only really made my body feel wierd, and u obviously know what smoking it feels like. To get the best high smoke a couple bowls b4 u eat them, smoke a bong while u eat them, and smoke a blunt an hour later when the food starts to kick in that makes the best high ever trust me:smoke:
  12. It is a different experience.
    All your body is so high
    The effect lasts major time.
    I like very much...
    ahhh and you don´t coughs =D

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