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  1. So a couple years back after watching Bear Grills eat some termites and say they tasted "tingy" (he had a pleasant expression while eating them). I was curious as to what a "tingy" taste was so i whent outside found me some termites and poped one into my mouth while it was still alive. Now i know what "tingy" taste like, and its pretty good. Termites have a distinct taste and contrary to my previous expectations they are pretty good.

    Now fast forward to the present, and i still will eat the occasional termite when ever im outside and i accidentally crush one of their tunnels which they build on trees, causing them to stream out of the tunnel.

    Well since my termite experiences have all been pleasant, there must be many things out in nature that are worth giving a taste test. I've been wondering if any of you guys have eaten anything out of the ordinary while out in nature. If you have have, what was it and how was the experience/taste?
  2. scorpions, hold it right below the stinger and eat the rest, they taste like....nothing, just very crunchy, have a ronchy after taste
  3. Bear grylls sucks silverback balls.

    Dont eat insects raw.
  4. Les stroud ftw survivor man!

  5. And on that note, here's Les Stroud's thoughts on Bear Grylls.

    (From the Les Stroud Ask Me Anything on Reddit: I am Les Stroud AKA Survivorman, a Filmmaker, Outdoor Adventurer, Singer-Songwriter, Performer. AMA! : IAmA)

  6. When I'm thirsty and too lazy to get out of bed I drink my own piss

  7. I prefer fluid squeezed from my bowels
  8. Or in the shower... Why drink the water when you can drink your own piss??

  9. I go out mushroom hunting for morels and chanterelles. But, thats as close as I get to harvesting food from nature.
  10. I go out mushroom hunting for morels and chanterelles. But, thats as close as I get to harvesting food from nature.
  11. Anyone remember the thread where op would go out foraging for grubs in nature?

    I loved the updates in that thread. Guy would go out and take pics of all of the different things he ate. I think he even had a few videos up, if memory serves me correct.

    I'd post the link, but I'm on the app at the moment.:mad:
  12. A guy I knew died from picking the wrong mushrooms. He was an expert and he was out picking chanterelles but picked the wrong ones, be careful out there man!

  13. Oh damn, that's a shame... I've heard chanterelles are pretty profitable, always thought it might be fun to try to pick some. I heard they were pretty unique looking too so it would be hard to pick the wrong ones, but apparently not! Forget that idea! :p
  14. Ever seen the bear grylls piss memes?


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