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Eating firecrackers before a FLIGHT!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AsianPotHead, May 15, 2010.

  1. Would I be booked for ANYTHING if I eat 2 firecrackers 2 hours before i get onto a plane
  2. dont do it. the altitude is jus going to multiply the effects and make you really really really stoned lol. and if you look really high they wont let you board the plane. at least thats how it is with alcohol
  3. Good advice ^^ What if I can control myself :p
  4. can u say full cavity search :eek:
  5. what the hell kinda firecrackers are you people talkin bout? you shouldnt eat gunpowder lol
  6. Don't act high and your good
    get a window seat :)
  7. i wouldn't do it personally, flights are serious shit nowadays with security and all..not really worth the risk of not being allowed on
  8. Hahahahahahaha :D

    I say go for it. Just make sure to put in some eyedrops, and if I were you, I'd stick to one firecracker.
  9. DO IT. I made firecracker here in Toronto and i ate them when i left my house
    by the time i got to the airport i was stoned
    Security searched me when i went trooght the metal detector forgot to take change out, and he searched me and i was clean. And my eyes were bloodshot but it was like 4am so everyone looked tierd.
    DO best experience ever.
  10. Alright i MADE UP MY MIND!

  11. when i go to cali right before i get on the plane im eating a firecracker its supposed to be a 7hour flight.
  12. No just don't have anything on you! There are weird people at airports all the time.

    I ate 4 1g firecrackers before a flight and heard laughter the entire time, it was rediculously amazing.

    Do it, it makes it so great, especially when you get to your destination. Bring plenty of munchies and get a drink and is alll good. (iPods are awesome, so are laptops).
  13. I want to eat firecrackers before going on my flight to Canada, but I don't want to be high going thru the airport cause i have to go thru immigration and they will ask a shitload of questions and i dont wanna be like *uhhhh...* pondering
  14. dont listen to the ppl saying dont do it. as long as your not causing a scene, or reeeeeeking of bud there not gonna do anything. just eat em take a shower do your shit and go.
  15. how about just have it with you and eat it right before you go through security... that way you finish with all the bullshit before you get high?

  16. exactly!
  17. man theres more ppl from ohio everyday on this thread. where you from man?
  18. DOO ITT!!! :D
    Make sure you don't have anything on you...and uhmm...carry Visine. I advise the Anti-Histamine Visine version.
  19. I'd probably do it. Just eat 'em before you head out, pop some Rhotos and your straight. Like someone else said, there are sooo many weird people at the airport, it's not like anyone is going to target you. So unless you can't control yourself... go for it.
  20. lol your fine dude...i smoke before i go to the airport every week. ive taken weed through security as well. dont be so paranoid. make sure to use eyedrops when u eat them...firecrackers never work for me ayway

    and btw, someone said the alititude will make the effects 10x more, thats 100% false. it doesnt change anything lol

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