Eating Clean; A Life Style Change

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  1. Eating clean has become such a huge part of my life. I started eating clean about two months ago and have lost about 17 pounds on top of 32 pounds I lost fron eliminating alcohol. I wanted to start this thread for people to share the clean meals and snacks everyday. Also, I want to see people's transformations from making the switch to clean eating!

  2. Congrats you look great. Real difference in just a span of 2 months.Did you have a excercise routine? I recently started to eat clean ive dropped 21 pounds in 6 months while putting on more muscle. My usual daily eating routine is:

    Mourning shake:almond milk,flax seeds, banana,some frozen mangoes,whey protein

    Snack: Baby carrots and cucumber

    Lunch: protein (chicken breast, turkey) + vegetables

    Snack: avocado and a pear

    Dinner: Protein + vegetables

    Hardest part is trying to not munch out when super stoned. I try to never eat past 8 pm. Try to limit my fried foods.
  3. I been trying. Junk food is like a drug.

    I keep buying brocolli and kettuce and carrots. Bringing myself to eat them instead of pasta is a work in progress.

    I really want to do paleo but its a difficult conversion for someone like me that NEVER ate a veggie in my life. Nor a fruit.

    I have (had) what they call OAS (oral allergy syndrom). Basically i was "allergic" to fresh fruits and veggies. If i didnt cook them first id have an allergic reaction in my throat.

    I later learned about allergen koad and that if i avoid things im actually alergic to (gmo corn and soy and the milk made from them, go figure) my oas goes away.

    Eating gmo corn and soy literally makes my body sensitive to things im not allergic to, like apples.

    Im also allergic to wallnuts, melons, kiwi, strawberry, and banana.

    I guess i cant blaim monsanto, nit everyone is as sensitive as me. But wtf. Allergic to corn and soy?

    I lived my entire life in literal constant agony (a perpetual anaphalactic shock) and went to the hospital for it twice.

    Once i got allergy tested (at like 23) my life improved a hundred fold.

    I digress. Now i can eat fresh fruits and veggies. :lol:

    Trying to give up gluten next.
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  4. It is honestly a really hard change. I gradually transitioned into eating clean by replacing my at a time. I started with my lunch. I personally eat bread and think that healthy fiber rich carbs are a good thing but I would assume that you have to be careful about your bread consumption with your allergies.

    Lunch was the easiest meal for me to make clean everyday because I eat at work. I always meal prep on Sunday's that way I don't have to worry about what I'm going to pack that day. I make a veggie mix of bite size chunks. I use tomatoes, green and red peppers, red onion, celery, black beans, and mushrooms. I put them all together in a big food container and put italian dressing over it and mix. This is what I use all week for my lunch. I also marinade chicken breasts and bake them in the oven at 375. Once cooled I cut them into bite size pieces. This, my chopped veggies and romain lettuce are my lunch for the week. Some days I make salads, some days I fill pitas with it and other days I make wraps.

    When buying breads, I alwayd shoot for things that have over 3g of protein. I personally like arnold pocket thins (bread aisle) and la tortilla factory evoo wraps (deli).

    The hardest thing is snacking. It's import to not buy the junk at the grocery store because if that's what is in your fridge, you will end up eating junk. Grapes, necterines (which are hairless peaches), blueberries, blackberries, rasberries are some great fruits to buy to snack on. I like to also buy a large container of plain greek yogurt to mix the berries into for light eating.

    Pasta isnt terrible for you but your should really try to limit how much you eat it because most pastas are empty carbs and lack fiber. When I make pasta, I cook up veggies in light olive oil. My favorite combo is squash, zucchini, peppers, sweet onions, and tomatoes. I don't put sauce on it but I use McCormick perfect pinch veggie seasoning to give them lots of flavor. I also use substitute spaghetti with spaghetti squash. You just cut it in half, I season mine with salt and evoo and bake rine up. Once done you just use a fork to pull it into spaghetti... it will be more obvious when you see it.

    Meats are also very important. Though red meat is great protein, it is typically high in fat. I use ground turkey, and chicken sausage. I will also buy steak on occasion. White meats are always leaner. Fish is always great too. Lots of omego3 fatty acids which are super important for cell regeneration.

    If you need more ideas.. let me know!
    Happy eating! :D

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  5. Congrats and thank you! Its crazy to think that just your eating habbits have a lot to do with what you look like. I would love to see your progress pictures. I read in several different articles that diet is 75-80% of weight loss.
    I do work out but not nearly as much I would like. I ususlly run for fifteen to twenty minutes and do ab and leg workouts, but that is usually only once or twice a week. Fruit has been my go-to for munchies becausebit helps with cotton mouth and it curbs hunger and usually has fiber and are complex carbs. I personally am more into savory foods then te sweet so finding things to satisfy those cravings have been rough because they are mostly really high in salt. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

    My biggest thing is that I always give myself two cheat meals a week. I don't always use them but its nice to know that if I'm really craving a burger or taco bell, I can indulge.

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  6. I get the munchies and eat crap.
  7. I eat pretty damn healthy but thats cuz i went vegetarian a year ago. But im super skinny, slightly under 120 pounds and im 5 4 but i have troubles gaining weight now from eating healthy but i feel the effects of good food on meh body
  8. I don't judge people that eat crap.. my boyfriend does on a dialy basis. Like the topic says.. eating clean.. a life style change. Unless you are trying to change your life and how you look.. don't change how you eat.
    Mr. Vegetarian... I feel like you may need more protein and healthy starches. Do you eat lots beans or mushrooms and squash. I've given serious thought to becoming a vegetarian buy like I said... I like to eat red meat from time to time and eat chicken and turkey on a regular basis. What made you go vegetarian?

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  9. 1371761771803.jpg 1371761820801.jpg
    I wanted to put up a picture of how colorful and yummy the veggies I use for my lunch are. Also those are the wraps I buy. They have whole grain, and rye that I have tried so far and they are great!

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  10. I started a new habbit. It made me feel really good.

    Basically i no longer eat "breakfast" i just snack on carrots and fruit untill lunch time

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  11. Honestly... that isn't a good idea. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Think of food as fuel for your body. You wouldn't go to start your car in the morning and expect it to perform well if you have no gas. Same idea with you body. Its important to eat within an hour of waking up so you can start your metabolism quicker. Giving yourself a healtful, nutrient packed meal for breakfast. Protein, fiber, and vitamins are like premium fuel... keep that in mind ;)

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  12. I went vegetarian for ethical reasons at first (slaughter methods and such) but now its more of a combo of that and reading up on all the hormones put into meat.

    I actually dont eat beans very often, mushrooms yes, but i mostly have found meat substitutes based on soy protein that mimmick the actual thing. I found veg bacon, ground beef, chicken breasts/strips/wings, sliced veg ham and turkey, really most meats i have found some form of a soy protein replacement that is just like the real thing for me now.

    I think i am a little lower eating starches but im not really sure.
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    Thats been proven incorrect scientifically.

    The body has several meathods of storing energy. Glycogen, fat, ect.

    Also studies have showed that intermittent fasting activates helpful genes. Look up the "warrior diet"

    Though it is easier to perform if you have readily availible energy, you dont need a full meal in the morning.

    Also im not "skipping" breakfast. Im still getting calories and nutrients. I just swiched the prepaired meal with fruits and carrots.

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  14. Going vegetarian or vegan isnt for everybody either. I dont recomend it to people who just wanna try it out for the sake of doing it, which i have seen many people do. You have to have reasons for why you dont want to eat meat or you will eat it again after a week or two.

    Its extremely hard at first and takes time to adjust to
  15. Not true.  And in regards to bread and grains.....
  16. Congrats. You should try weightlifting next. For some reason, I'd feel like you enjoy it.
    I could live on a no-carb diet. I wouldn't mind eating steak and asparagus or eggs for every meal. The only issue is my lack of energy on lifting days which sucks.
  17. "Eating Clean" lifestyle eating plan does call for a full meal at breakfast because it isn't a 5-6 meal a day plan. It is a three meal a day plan so eating a full breakfast is important. There are other diet and nutrition plans that don't follow that school of thought. Those are fine but this forum is about eating clean. I personally suggest breakfast because it does give you more energy especially having protein in the morning. I didn't use to eat breakfast but am a firm believer now and do eat a full meal with eggs, spinach, avocado and fruit every morning.

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  18. Thank you. I want to start weight lifting but I have had a little hard time with working out. I know there is no reason for excuses I just am not motivated to. I need to find it inside of me. When I was in high school I actually did strong woman training and a few small competitions. I have been trying to use my body and household items as my weights but I know if I tired I could do more. I guess finding inside of myself is the next key.

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  19. I was under the impression "eating clean" meant eating veggies and cutting "dirty" processed food.

    I was unaware it was the name of a diet plan.

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  20. Eating clean is an actual diet but eating natural veggies and fruit and lean mean is the basis as well as cutting out processed foods. It is open just not a typical plan that suggest 5-6 small meals a day.

    As far as bread... that is also part of eating clean plan. Some people can go without carbs. For me, my job involves being on my feet all day and doing physical labor so I feel that carbs and fiber are helpful for me. If you don't like grains that's fine. It really is a personal choice as to what you eat.

    Anybody try any good recipes today or eat a good clean meal instead of their usual choice?
    I love hearing about that kind of stuff!! :D

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