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Eating Bho

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by emerica1144, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Can I swallow a ball of bho and drink warm milk and eat peanut butter and get high.
  2. might work, but thats fucking stupid, what you should do is smoke the BHO like the rest of us....but i would drink alcohol too, you need to create a lot of heat in your belly to make it effective
  3. Ya I usually smoke it I just wanna try new things and see
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     When making edibles with BHO or other concentrates, for the best effect (or for many people, if you want
    them to work at all without multiplying the required dose dramatically) you still need to promote bioavailability,
    and in some cases you need to encourage more activation of the cannabinoids. If you eat a dab, chances
    are a certain amount may not even be active, and your digestive tract certainly won't absorb a whole lot!
    When making edibles, the extraction is the fastest step of the process. Decarboxylation or activation, and
    promoting bioavailability, both require a little more processing. We use the oils and edible solvents we do, not
    just to extract the glandular material from the plant matter, but more importantly to facilitate the absorption of
    that material, and that requires producing a bioavailable solution.... or in layman's terms, a true canna oil or
    edible hash oil. :)
     This concentrate tutorial should help, either process directly in coconut oil, or re-dissolve in alcohol and transfer
    to coconut oil as described in the tutorial. :yay:
      The below tutorial also describes in detail how you can manipulate the length of your process and heat exposure
    to control the outcome and effects provided by your edibles, from the more cerebral and mind-racy effects,
    to a more narcotic level of sedation.
    In the end, eating a dab just as you've found it, is really leaving a LOT up to chance! :)
    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    And if you want something really simple... just pop your oil into capsules when you're done!

    These keep better than any other edible.. on a shelf, in a desk, or in the freezer.. and they're always ready for eating. :hello:
    If making oil the right way seems tedious, just make a bunch all at once... it takes virtually the same time and effort to make a single dose, as it does to make one thousand. Making single-dose edibles can waste a LOT more of your time over the years, if you end up enjoying the effects and you make them a habit. :) You can make as many doses as you want all at once and cap them up right then and there if you want, or keep the whole batch in the fridge or freezer, and just scoop out a small spoonful just to cap up a few doses, only as you need them.




    (Some smoking concentrate made the same way as the above caps, minus the oil of course, with a faster wash/rinse...)



    During the holidays last year...
     Each jar and bottle below, along with a few smaller gift bags with caps and chocolates, were given to the local
    patients most in-need
    and those who had suffered the most hardship this year... enough for most to medicate
    daily until at least mid-spring! <span><span>[​IMG]</span></span> (To make this oil and adjust for patient tolerance levels, a potent mixed indica
    hash oil, was diluted as needed with canna oil made from the popcorn flowers and trim from our favorite new cross
    of the year, TRCP #3, chosen for its more cerebrally mind-numbing effects, which kept patients from being knocked
    out too quickly, and ultimately complimented the blend wonderfully!)
     It took the same amount of time to make that much oil as it takes to make one, single, equally-functional dose. Filling
    all those caps took only another 15 or so minutes. Much quicker than a pan of brownies.. it may not be as tasty as
    chocolate, but that's a lot more than 9 or so servings made in the same time and space. :)

     And if you DO want chocolate or peanut butter ( :p ), no-bake edibles like these take very little time, and they
    only require a small handful of ingredients... you can make a few dozen doses in ten or fifteen minutes by hand,
    or a few hundred if you have candy molds. :)
    Truffles are super simple, they require three or four simple ingredients, they take about 10 minutes.. and no baking is required!



    You can skip the chocolate coating and the 'fuse' for the BOMBS, to make a much more simple PB fudge treat..


    Or if you're really feeling lazy, just roll your truffle or fudge mix, refrigerate, slice, then garnish as needed :p
     Good luck, and have fun!  :wave:

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