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Eating Before Vs After High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I always try and eat a full meal before smoking - I find it does greatly curb the munchies.  And I always have the fear that eating after smoking will prematurely bring down my buzz.
    But that's just me.

    You start feeling like you are actually really really hungry because your brain is literally sending out the signal to eat.
    I think that section is saying that after eating, THC and other cannabinoids are less active on your receptors.. But weed is a subjective thing man, and you have to go with how you feel. If you want to avoid the munchies, eat like 45 minutes before sparking up and keep drinking something!
  4. Oh my good gracious! I am soo wrong!! I am ignorant. I have coughed my ass off so I am so wrong!! Doctor sheldon cooper's resentment towards me has increased!! Oh good lord what shall I do now?
  5. eat before after and during
    low fat, high protein, moderate carb
  6. Don't be a tool and limit how much food you eat?
    Christ I will never understand how GC became such a kid's place... Swear to god 99% of people here are under 18 now...
  7. First of all I never said I was going to limit the amount of food I eat, it was just a question; which is what these forums are for after all. Next, if your going to ridicule people unde 18 I would t use the word "tool" to insult them, grow up. And lastly don't bring God into this. So basically if you don't like it you can leave because we have other people in here having a good time. :)
  8. imo dont eat alot b4 you get stoned..... or eat a good meal--->bake---> then pig out on dessert
    chocolate cake w/vanilla ice cream while stoned is heaven   :smoking:
  9. I like to eat before hand but I always end up giving in and eating everything in the kitchen after words.  But eating before hand will hold off your munchies.
  10. I wouldn't starve myself, which is ironic cause I'm starving now, but eating is always a completely better experience after toking in my opinion.  If you're making this day an event, I would definitely set myself up for success and make sure there's plenty of flavorful munchies in the house. 
  11. If you dont eat after you smoke, why would you get sick? You'll just be hungry. Have you ever smoked and not ate??
  12. You're going to end up eating after your high anyway. Just wait until after you smoke.

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