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Eating Before Vs After High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I gonna basically smoke the entire day on Monday haha. I'm taking a 1 day mini T break today then when I wake up tmrw I'm gonna rip my my plug in vape and take a couple bong rips. So my fellow stoners the question is do I prepar myself and eat before I et baked to avoid munchies? Or so I eat after and just embrace the munchies? I dont really like having the munchies because I always over eat and my stomach hurts the next day. Any tips?
  2. You could eat as much as you can before you get stoned, but your going to end up eating after being stoned either way. It's inevitable.
  3. Shit really? What happens if I just don't eat after I smoke? Will I feel still feel sick after I toke
  4. Have some self control for Christmas sakes

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  5. Sweet answer bro
  6. You cannot take bong rips from a vape. I like to eat first then smoke. I always enjoyed a cigarette after eating so I treat weed the same way.
  8. Try and drink some juice or water to help cure the munchies afterwards. If you eat before you'll be hungry after you toke an eat again an be wayy over full.  I have seen plenty of people vape from a bong.
  9. 9 times out of 10, I don't get the munchies when I smoke, no matter how much I smoke. Reason? Because if I'm hungry before I smoke, I will eat a sensible meal. Not saying I'm a health freak, but being a bit of a heavy set guy, I don't see why I should make it worse just because I'm stoned. Eat before and snack during the day with another sensible meal for dinner. I like to stay very hydrated as well. Gatorade & Sobe are usually what I have on stock that isn't classified as an "energy drink" (that isn't high in caffeine and B12).
  10. OMG anyone that hooks up a bong to a vape has got to lack intelligence. Bongs are for cooling the harshness. Vapes are not harsh.
  11. What vaporizer do you have that is not harsh?
    For someone with over 2,000 posts on a weed forum, that's a pretty ignorant statement. If you havn't coughed your ass off from a fat vape hit before, you obviously haven't been doing it right. Vapor bonging is an awesome way to cool off and more importantly moisturize the vapor. While you're right in that vapor isn't harsh in the same way that smoke may be, the reason vapor Feels harsh in the upper part of your throat is because it's both hot and dry. Rigging the vapor through a water pipe adds moisture the dry vapor and makes the hit feel a lot smoother on your throat.
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    Any one who thinks that large vapor hits arnt harsh, definitly lacks intelligence. Also who are you to define what bongs are for? People use them for many different reasons
  14. I have a plug in vape AND a
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    eat first if you are hungry. afterwards, find a dank drink to conquer your thirst and desires. next, go to taco bell and order their volcano and cool ranch tacos. this list should be satisfying,
    Or prepare a FAT dinner ahead of time and take a mini-fast until you're ready for dinner. a fat dinner could be something like nachos, sour cream, salsa with chicken and jalapenos. that sounds good to me anyways.
  16. It doesn't matter for me :laughing: on days I have weed I try to eat a hella big dinner before I smoke out, but after I smoke I just start raging on leftovers, or whatever I can find in the house :laughing:
    Take a huge shit the next morning, and proceed to do it again!
  17. Just eat when you feel hungry,
    Try not to worry about it, just enjoy

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    People make too big a deal about food and weed; the munchies aren't some unavoidable thing you have no control over haha; its just hunger; you can either satisfy it or wait till it subsides. But man; something about cheap; greasy, fast food when you're high.. I'm not one to eat at McDs much but when I'm stoned ooo it can be irresistible haha.
    Or cheap mexican food; down in south Omaha we have a pretty big mexican population; so you can go get some great authentic food down there, taco trucks are my shitttt 
    I don't really like eating while I'm high though; or at least right after I smoke. I find eating tends to make me feel less high afterwards; whether its placebo or something idk but I always try to eat before I smoke if I'm already hungry, or wait till my highs kinda wearing off if I get hungry after

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