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Easy's guide to rolling roaches

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Easy_Skanking, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Sup GC,

    So having been round here a while, I've seen many pictures of people's pride joints, however the majority of them (and not just those rolled by newbies) had terrible roaches. It seems to me that most people think a roach is just a rolled up bit of paper that you stick in the end to have something to wrap your lips around. In a sense, yes, this is true, however roaches also stop the bud falling out the end, and stop you actually inhaling the bud.

    Having said that, I know it can be difficult for newbies and pros alike to ask how to do something as simple as rolling a roach, so I'm going to share with you the two ways in which I learned to roll. I'll also be including how to roll an M roach (something I learned from my dealer).

    So without further ado, here's my guide to rolling roaches.

    Step 1
    Get yourself some roach paper. This is the best, however if you're out, thick paper (not card) works well. I myself just ran out of roach paper, so I'll be using a train ticket.

    The first thing you want to do it cut/tear it to size. Look at the picture here for reference.
    Then use a ruler or scissors to curl it slightly (like you would with a ribbon)

    Step 2

    Next, fold the very end over on itself into a small bend.
    This will be at the center of the roach. Now roll it up as tight as you can then let it unroll.
    In most cases, it will hold it's shape and you're done. However, if you find it's unrolling more than in the picture, go to the next step.

    Step 3
    So here's a nifty trick I learned a while ago for when your roach unrolls too much (usually happens with thicker paper). Lick the end on the outside until it's soaked in saliva. Stick it down, then grab your lighter, and lick it across the end to dry it off. This makes it stick (for a couple minutes) long enough for you to get it in your joint. Congrats, you're done!

    The M-roach
    So not too many people know about this type of roach. The above is a standard one; this one is for when you don't have enough paper, or if you're just feeling a bit creative.

    Basically, the only difference is that instead of bending the very tip, you fold it into an M shape. The pictures explain it best.

    Stick that bad boy in a joint and enjoy.

    So there you have it. Easy. If you liked this guide, or found it helpful feel free to +rep ;)

    Also, sorry for the stretch. Forgot how to thumb pictures.
  2. I have to admit, I never knew about the M-roach.
  3. Yeah, I only learned about it last month. Pretty useful at times.
  4. nice roaches, its a shame not many americans spliff

    i've found it to be quite enjoyable :smoke:
  5. I must admit, I prefer bowls, but It's nice to change things up every now often.
  6. glass is my first choice but if its a social thing, nothing wrong with a spliff

    i used to smoke a shit load of blunts, started smoking spliffs, stopped coughing, went back and smoked a blunt and found it to be harsh as fuck

    i still love blunt though ;)
  7. notecards have always worked best for me as a crutch/filter/roach. you don't have to force them to bend at all and the thickness and length allows for good stability and hold.
  8. These public transport tickets are legendary. Normally I have a book of roach papers, but these tickets have pretty much the same thickness, and because I commute a lot, I have a stack of them in my wallet at all times. Good backup.
  9. That M roach business is real sick.

    Gonna have to plus rep for that.
  10. Yeah M roaches are good man i always use them in my joints cause its the way i was taught really... didn't know so many people didn't know about them.... but im sure theres a lot i dont know that yous all do haha

    stay baked
  11. Thanks for the rep
  12. M roach is sick
  13. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude like Sspin that rouach 180 degrees and you will have a W roach...:p
  14. Hahaha I think M roach is easier to say when you're high.

    Also, you could rotate it 90˚ counter clockwise and you have a sigma roach.
  15. Yep I been doin this for a while now. :smoke:

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