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Easy Weed Milk Tea

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mrpickle, May 30, 2014.

  1. I've always loved tea, and the idea of weed tea was always a rather strange one to me at first. In order to extract the THC, you'd need some sort of fat - and for tea the options would be butter or milk. I've experimented with weed tea in the past before, making it with butter - and it was absolutely terrible.  However, since I now have a connection to get pounds of shake for $60, I figured I might as well start making edibles as they'll give me the best results.
    \nAfter much experimentation, I've made a very good recipe for weed milk tea. It's pretty much the same as most other weed tea recipes you may have seen - however, we boil the weed in a 50 / 50 mixture of water and milk. It sounds weird at first, but it's really good! I thought mixing milk and water would be gross, but this recipe works significantly better than many of the other edibles I have bought from the club.  The reason being, is that whole milk (or any milk really) will curdle if it gets too hot, due to there being no water in the milk to evaporate. When we mix it 50 / 50 with water, we give the milk some water to work with, so it'll be able to reach higher temperatures without curdling. Enough talking, onward to the recipe!
    \nTIP: Instead of using traditional tea, try looking into fruit-flavored teas! The ones by Celestial Seasonings work very well in this weed tea recipe - I find myself using the Orange or Peach flavors for the tea, and it ends up tasting like peaches and cream with weed, or orange cream with weed. Super stony and delicious!
    Based on individual serving size, scale to however much you want. Keep the cooking times the same  ;)
    \n1 cup water
    \n1 cup WHOLE milk(settle for no less, else you'll waste weed)
    \n.5 - 1 gram of mids. (Really, there is no correct dose for everyone. All weed has different potency. With shake you should start at 2 grams and work your way up.)
    \nTea bags of any kind
    Sugar (or honey) to sweeten, if desired.
    \nMake sure to grind up your weed as finely as possible. Some people say not to make it a powder, but I say the finer the better! Smaller particles means more surface area is covered, which means more THC will be absorbed. I have a Volcano, and the orange grinders that came with it works perfect, since it basically transforms weed into dust,
    \nYou will also need a pot, stirring spoon, a cheese cloth or coffee filter (if you don't have any of these, a T shirt will work just fine. Or just drink it with the weed in it, up to you)
    \n\nStep 1:
    Mix the cup of water and the cup of milk in your pot, bring to a boil over medium heat.
    \nStep 2:
    Once boiled, throw in your weed. At this point, start a timer for 25 mins. You can do more if you'd like, but I suggest going no less than 25 minutes. 
    \nStep 3:
    Stir. Stir. Stir. Stir constantly for 25 minutes, it'll keep everything moving and the milk from boiling. Try to keep it at a heat JUST below boiling (to where there's bubbles but it's not a rolling boil). As it gets more and more done, it will go from an off-white color to a swamp green color, or it can be a tan-ish color as well, depending on the amount you put in.
    \n\nStep 4:
    \nOnce the time is up, turn off the heat. Now would be the time to add the tea bag.
    Let it seep a few minutes, and simply throw away the tea bag after and sweeten to taste.
    Make sure to strain away any of the weed particles if desired.
    That doesn't look like tea, but rest assured, it is
    \nThe shake I have isn't very potent, so I had to use 4 grams of shake in this recipe, if the pictures look like there's a lot of weed in it, it's because there is.
    \nHave fun lifting off fellow blades, tell me how your journeys  go, should you choose to make this  :)-

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  2. Great writeup man. I'll have to try this. Ever used ABV from your volcano?
    I usually end up smoking the ABV. I have a volcano digit, so we vape once at 373 for the initial vape, then we bump it up to 405 when we're re-vaping the weed. If we're really desperate we bump up the vape to 446(the highest setting) and smoke the twice-vaped weed. It does get you high but it doesn't taste good at all.
    I'd imagine smoking the ABV goes further than using it in this tea. If it still has a hint of green in it, it's still okay to vape, ya might just have to up the temp on your vape.
    Not to mention, using AVB would probably taste horrible here.
  4. Have you ever tried using it with coconut milk? It has much more saturated fat than regular milk, and THC is attracted to the saturated fat.
  5. Would this work with 2 grams of vaped bud?

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  6. #6 mrpickle, May 31, 2014
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    Thought of it - I'm sure it's make a much better substitute and tastes much better. I'll let you know if I try it, thanks for the suggestion! 
    Depends how green it is. If it's vaped only once. and it's still a bit green, 2gs should be fine. If it's a milk-chocolatey color, you might have to do upwards of 3 or 4.
    Just made me and a few friends some of this tea, using 6 g of shake per person. 
    Needless to say, its a tad excessive but I'm lifting off like no other. :D Haven't been this high in a long time. 
  7. Would it work without the tea bag?

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  8. Yep! The teabag doesn't get you high, the milk and weed mix does :)

    I also went out and picked up some coconut milk, it's cooking right now but I'll let you all know how it turns out!
    I'm only halfway done with cooking and it already looks a lot darker than it did yesterday, using the same amount. I have noticed you have to keep it at a slightly lower temperature though, coconut milk boils at a lower heat.

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  9. #9 Honest American, Jun 4, 2014
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    Made some this morning with Double Spice Chai tea bags- managed to spill almost half of it when i was done so good thing I doubled the recipe, actually tastes GOOD!
    Ended up not doing anything to me, must have not cooked it long enough.
  10. That's really the only explanation. I've been making it since!
    I guess I should do a full update from the coconut milk!
    I tried it, but it was too thick when I strained it. I didn't know coconut milk was so thick.
    Today I went out and got Nesquick, followed this recipe but instead of using tea I used Nesquick, it tastes and works a lot better! I suggest it instead of the tea. However, Iced weed milk tea using this recipe is superb.
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    I had found a different recipes (only using milk) and was making it before I found this one, which has water.
    I'll give it another shot, it was really good tasting with the Chai tea bags, I love chai tea.
    Do you decarb your weed before you cook it?
  12. I tried this again cooking it for 35 min, after it was done a lot of the liquid had evaporated. I thought maybe I did something wrong again so I just added more milk and microwaved it so I didnt waste the tea.

    After two hours I went ahead and smoked because I didn't think it worked. Got incredibly stoned about an hour afterwards.

    I used 4 grams again this time, will try again.. Was it supposed to evaporate?
  13. Put a lid on the pot to try and keep the evaporated liquids inside. Retains a lot more liquid.
  14. Every single time I've made it, there really hasn't been that big of a loss of water. Try turning down the temperature and cooking it like that. You don't want it at a full boil, just a very very light boil. If you're making a single cup, make sure you really watch the temperature as it will get hot and boil very fast, before you realize it. I always find the temperature on my stove to boil, and keep it at the notch just below that that and constantly stir

    As for decarbing the bud, I haven't thought of doing that but I'm sure it'll work just as well.
  15. My new favorite tea.
    I decarb my bud first. Trying to make some in a double boiler to the milk won't get skin on the bottom of pan.
  16. Great recipe man, props to you. I'll have to whip this up some time
  17. It's been 4 years so maybe no one is reading this but I will tell my attempt.

    I have made weed tea about 4-5 times using this method and it always worked.
    It's great but uses a lot more bud than if smoked. That was fine in my home country where weed was a lot cheaper but not economically sound in the US. So I haven't tried it a lot here.

    Generally the amount of liquid halved by the end of the procedure. But the last time I tried it most of the liquid evaporated and the fat from the milk must have solidified. The milk I used was dated 4-5 days before I used it. I guess my question is if using old milk, which might be going bad, affect the process.
  18. Good and easy recipe. I usually make weed tea with butter, but the taste is no good, even mixed with some fruit tea or mint (it improves a little), but I´ll try with fat milk + water.
  19. Yeah this is a very good recipe. I should try it someday. My girlfriend will stay at home this weekend I better let her see the recipe so she can make some.

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