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Easy way to conserve weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigToka, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Ever notice how sometimes when you take a hit, some of the bud falls straight through the hole? If you're using a bong, it falls straight into the water; if you're using a piece, it gets sucked right through the pipe and flies into you're mouth; ect. :(

    To prevent this, I like to get a nail or screw and smash the head till its a little crooked, so instead of being shaped like this |--- it would look like this \---

    Now that you got your crooked-nail, put it in your bowl; the shaft part of the nail should go down the hole in your bowl, and the head of the nail should be stuck on top. After the nail is in place, pack a bowl and light up as you normally would. :p

    Since the nail head is bent, it should allow air flow while preventing even the smallest crumbs of bud from being wasted. :D

    P.S. take the nail out and clean it every session, if it gets dirty, it'll just clog your bowl

    P.S.S. if you're super desperate, you could flip the nail upside down and smoke the resin that collects on the shaft part (kinda nasty, but it works)
  2. inb4 pipe screens
  3. wow, I'm surprised someone thought of that already! :eek: If you're talking about the little glass screens, I think this works better- those are easy to lose and are kinda expensive.
  4. Depends on what the nail is made out of. Could be harmful to your health.
  5. Nug plug


  6. This^
  7. Why not just use one of those little screens you find in the faucet of your sink?
  8. Oh yes, for those of you without common sense, don't use painted nails (like the black ones on every office chair), just use the regular ones- these aren't harmful.

    And I don't like to use the little faucet screens because I've found that those blacken when they get hot- its probably bad for you.
  9. holy shit that's a great idea.
    trying it tomorrow, lets see what i have to break in my house to get this elusive nail...

    not a carpenter guy so yea
  10. you can get pipe screens at any headshop for a dollar or two for a package of 5

    They are fine for your health and dont let anything through all while maintaining a drag free experience.
  11. I wouldn't do the nail/screw thing, because I don't know what metal/s they're made from.
    As well as that, there's screen products that help with this.
    As well as THAT, I use a vapouriser.
    As well as THAT, I'm making some tea right now.
  12. i'm pretty sure nails aren't made out of aluminum and shit unless you're using the ones you find on toys

    i doubt when put on fire the nails would release fumes
    anyway who the fuck lights the bottom of their bowl? almost every single time I go for the clear, i light the top and the flame is cherried down beLO

  13. Uhh... the whole point of this is to stop the little pieces of bud from being wasted :confused:

  14. Yes, everyone's heard of/used nug plugs, but this works way better- it stops even the smallest pieces! I've been hitting my bong all week and the water is still crystal clear- there's no little crumbs in it (but it still smells nasty):bongin:
  15. Screen /thread
  16. With a good enough bong bowl/cone and a proper milking technique, this wouldn't even be a problem. But even then a pipe screen would be a much easier and more effective way to solve the issue.
  17. Yeah, people keep bringing up pipe screens- the whole reason I brought this up was because its so easy, anyone could do it. Not everyone has easy access to screens.
  18. My father is a carpenter and I work with him in his shop more than occasionally. It's simply a matter of putting a screw in my pocket :D
  19. just use a small screen... or dont grind your shit as finely. but if you want tip's to conserve weed, i would say get a one hitter or a small pipe.

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