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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by iTokeat420, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. You shouldnt buy cheap chinese vapes. You could be inhaling toxic fumes, from lead or plastic or who knows what. Get a quality vape. Just my opinion
  2. you shouldn't knock em till you try em^

    get it dude. thats the one ive got right there. black.

    hasnt fucked up yet. almost a year now with no mistakes. it always delivers. i say go for it dude. but i better watch out, im gonna get nyc diesel in here flaming me and you about our china vapes:D
  3. dude if it's 60 bucks it is 60 bucks for a reason... the good plastic and metal parts cost more... you're almost certainly inhaling things you don't want to be inhaling
  4. thats not true at all. just cause somethings cheap doesnt mean its gonna kill you:rolleyes:. its like glass bongs. you can go out and get an 18" straight tube that will milk and clear just as good as a name brand. for around 80 dollars. but if you bump it wrong it could brake. as apposed to what god glass can withstand.with a vape, you dont hold it in your hands, its just chillin on the table, so the only incident that can happen is it falling off the table. im not sure how sturdy, say a vapor bros is. but my easy vape fell twice, first time it just knocked the center part out. dot of super glue in the corners and your good to go. fell off again and it was the same thing. just got 2 pieces of tape on it right now. still works like a charm though.
  5. You're better off saving up. For the most part with vaporizers you get exactly what you pay for. I think you should look into the Magic Flight Launch Box when another $30 comes your way.
  6. I think @ $60, it's a good introduction the Vape world! It's going to work for ya just fine for a beginning piece. If Vaping turns ya on like it does me and a myriad of other people. Then you can start saving your scratch for something like a Silver Surfer or a Volcano! Go for it, My brutha!!! :smoke:

  7. what this guy said! i have a gbc vaporizer (looks identical to that one) and it have never failed me. I bought this one to see if I even liked the vape high and now im just using it while tryin to save some more cash

  8. /Thread
  9. i bought an easy vape off ebay too and it does get the job done but you do get for what you payed for, as a 1st vape it's good as a investment i would go for a magic flight launch box i tryed both and the mflb delivers better results if you cant get the 100 bucks go for it
  10. damnit.. why did you guys bring back this acient thread? I see no reason to.

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