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  1. I've seen plenty of these "Box-like" vapes on ebay for prices like 35-80$ yet they seem too good to be true. Upon reading reviews, a good number of people commented that they are made in china (cheaply) and have a tendency to break easily. People were also saying that they featured dumb designs using plastic or other parts on the interior which could melt over time and find they're way into the vapor. Can anyone who owns one speak to this? I want to buy a budget vaporizer but not at the expense of my health or wasted $ when they break. At this point i'm thinking i may just buy the VapBong from the Grasscity store.
  2. Hi! I know I have zero rep around here, but I can save you some time.

    What you want is a cheap, affordable, and dependable vapourizer, correct? Because I've been working on that, but I need to get in touch with a flameworker to finish.

    Basically, buy a good one. $100-200 can get you a good portable vapourizer, and you save so much pot vapourizing, it's insane. You seriously use way less.

    As far as cheap answers, you're going to have to do some D. I. Y:

    I've tried a bunch of different things, and I can tell you this: Lightbulb vapourizers can work incredibly well. Buy an alcohol/spirit lamp (~$20 from eBay). Buy a gallon of "Methyl Hydrate". It's methanol, wood/grain alcohol, whathaveyou. It costs about $10, and will last you many, many hours of vapourizing. Use a coat hangar and some pliers, and bend a stand for a lightbulb vapourizer (made in the standard way, except replace the straw with some silicone aquarium hose (cheap, Petsmart).

    Now you put the lightbulb vapourizer and the stand overtop the alcohol lamp, and a small flame will be enough to vapourize the pot without burning it.

    You can only do this inside, in a room where there is not even a slight breeze.

    I'd show pictures, but I just used up my last coat hangar making the next generation.

    How to bend the coat hangar: Bend one end over itself to make a 6" dia. base ring. use the pliers to bend the tip over the other rod to secure it. Next, measure out about 8-12" of wire. It seems excessive, but you can bend the middle to adjust the height. Make a smaller ring just like the first, large enough to accoomodate your lightbulb vapurizer. Measure out 2-3" of wire again, and make a third ring to hold the top of the lightbulb vapourizer.

    It's crude, but it works incredibly well for the price, and with comparatively little handiwork to my current designs...

    Uhhh... www.mideas.ca . That's me. I'm... not normal. But I'm cool.
  3. I just bought a $40 vape from Amazon, and when I turned it on it started smoking and smelled like burning plastic. I'm thinking cheap = no bueno. But if anyone knows anything about broken vapes like mine, please share! I'd really like to be able to use it so it wasn't a complete waste of money..
  4. Do NOT buy an Easy Vape/generic Ebay box vape. The unit continually heats up despite having a digital "thermometer". I put thermometer in quotes because I doubt the easy vape actually has temperature control-more likely an LCD screen that changes numbers. Also the whip has a huge bowl, not a problem if you fill it completely, but I found anything less than a full bowl vaped pretty ineffectively. The vape hose is pretty shitty as well-too short and prone to kinking. I bought an easy vape back in december for $80 at a headshop and its the only piece in my collection I regret purchasing. I ended up getting a magic flight launch box, which I like a lot more. If you don't want anything portable, a Vapor Bros is pretty decent.
  5. ok thanks for the info, i'm so glad i didn't buy one only to find out it sucks. Anyone have any thoughts on the VapBong in the Grasscity store? it seems like a nice cheap piece. If i don't end up making my own or saving up for a volcano, i'll probably just buy the Vapbong.
  6. ^^ There's a LOT of space between making your own and saving up for a 'Cano. In that space, there are a lot of great vapes from which to choose.
  7. ^^ Chinese made vape made with questionable materials along with fluctuating and inaccurate temp displays and controllers. One has to wonder why the manufacturer would only warrant their product for just a measly 30 days if they had any faith in their product that it would last longer.

    Asyd, the only reason that I am mentioning this is not to slam the vape that you own but rather to warn others not to buy it regardless of how impressed you are with it.
  8. @Iwien why didn't u recommend the VaporStar? i saw it on ur list of "past vapes" and the reviews/product look great! I think i may go with this one.

  9. You're right. I totally forgot about that one. Not a bad starter vape. Just keep in mind that with any vape that uses a lighter, the learning curve is a bit steep, but once you get it down, they can be quite good.

    When you get into the more expensive vapes, the taste will improve over these types of vapes, but in the meantime, yeah, good starter vape.

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