Easy Ryder Seedling Yellow Tips?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WezTheDJ, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just want to say hi first of all as I'm a new member, an nice to be a part of this fantastic site!

    I'm doing my very first ever auto grow, being the joint doctors Easy Ryder (Auto AK47 + Lowryder #2). I made the easy mistake of starting off in a small pot after germinating the paper towel method I always use, then after it shot up I transferred it straight into a gallon pot which I should of used in the first place. I'm only doing it as a cheap set up for a quick smoke as one of local men with the dog got busted so lack of herb!

    When I transplanted into the gallon pot I used miracle grow organic peat free for tomatoes etc which has worked in the past for other projects with good results with 4 weeks of food already in it. But as soo as it went into that the little lady stopped growing totally for over a week and the seedling leafs went yellow, so like I thought and which got confirmed in my local grow shop there were too many nutes in the MG so they told me to carefully transplant it into the airy seedling potting soil an feed water for about a week or two before starting the grow an bloom nutes. So this I done.

    I have a big box foiled up with an open top, using a gallon pot with proper potting seedling soil now from our grow shop, two 100w CFL lights about 4 inches above it and another inciderary frosted White light for the heat effect close to the plant but not to close to burn!

    Then a few days into the water only I have a few of the leaves starting to get the yellow tips an not as green as they were.

    The plant has started to slowly grow again but at the moment only has the seedling leaves, the first 2 true leaves (which are slowly going yellow) and the next set of 2 leaves of the 3 fingers (which are still dark green) and the shoot starting to grow up the next set!

    My question is what would you guys do? I'm feeling myself I should add a very watered down less than 1/4 mix of nutes so it gets a bit of Nitrogen as I think it may perk it up, but it being a young seedling an the first time of Easy Ryder I wondered if someone has had this before or knows someone who has so they could help me with there wisdom? Feels stupid how I've pulled it out of a nuted soil to now in what I see as nitrogen deficiency problem now!

    Just want to thank you in advance for firstly ready all this lol and also for the advice back. Many Thanks Guys!!
  2. You seem to have control and a lot of knowledge with what your doing, but I'd definitely try and switch to better soil. Miracle Grow is very sub-par compared to say, Canna soil or Foxfarm.

  3. Cheers hash monkey, only thing is autos don't like to be transplanted. Think that's where I screwed up after the first mistake of not putting it in it straight in to the pot it finishes in. When I put it in the big pot that's when I think the grow stunted? Would you recommend I maybe start weak nutes feed as I think the poor little girl needs N but with her being so young was wondering if to hold on until a week or so as it's the seedlings that are totally yellow an the first two true leave a little yellow but more pale green? Cheers man

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