Easy ryder ready for harvest?

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  1. What do you think? I go on holiday next Thursday and need to harvest before then - will they be ready?

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  2. Some of the trichs are amber look to see if 60% of them are amber but I would say maybe another few days but your really close.
  3. depends on the strain, but I doubt it
  4. What do you think? Ready fir cropping? How far off??

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  5. Looking at the picture to the left I would say you have at least another 3 weeks, maybe a month, just calculate the date that you noticed the first little white hairs on it, take that date and add at least 8 to 9 weeks on to that, then you will have an idea of when it will be ready, it is a long way from being ready to harvest right now
  6. do easy ryders really take 12 weeks total? 3 weeks b4 they sex then u say add 9 weeks right? u talking about indoor or out?
  7. Well alot of the breeders say that autoflowering strains take 60 days from seed to harvest but i am proof that they dont, i grew a Deimos from Buddha seeds that was supposed to be 60 days from seed to harvest and is too about 120 days!, so it dont matter what it is you just have to watch it, it doesnt matter if its indoor or not, it may veg quicker and you can force flowering when its indoor, but the time it takes from the date it shows its sex, the day it starts popping hairs out, to the day it is ready to harvest will still be around 8-9 weeks, if you want to get harvest time perfect you HAVE to get a 30x-100x microscope and look at the trichomes, when they turn from a clear crystal color to a white milky color then they are ready to chop, but this absolutely wont happen until it has flowered for at least 8 weeks, 60 days seed to harvest is just a marketing tool to get people to buy their seeds in my opinion
  8. ive been growing auto's for 2 years now and ive found that they always sex at around 3 weeks and typically take around 70-75 days from seed to harvest. the super auto's like super cali haze claims 120 days so there are exceptions to the rule. oh and for the trichomes, if ur cutting them when they are cloudy, ur cuttin a tad early, u should wait till its half n half cloudy n amber tips. i personally like to have about 75% amber b4 i chop, this will provide you a better 'couchlock' buzz. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMncUc4ZcfQ]roadrunner2 dinafem under microscope - YouTube[/ame] is this when u cut yours?
  9. im growing easy ryders this year too, i bought the 3 pack, breeders pack and it says that its ready in 65-70 days, it generally takes 2 or 3 weeks to show its sex, then 8 weeks to flower, this equals roughly 70-75 days. i hope you remember the day they started photosynthesis, this will let you know when to start checking the trichomes daily. it really depends on what sorta buzz you desire as to how mature you let your trichomes get b4 cutting. peace.

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