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  1. Right then here we go again, this is my second proper grow and im using exactly the same setup as i used last time so heres my setup

    *4ft x 2ft x 2ft hydrolab mylar grow tent (cheap and worked well last time)
    *Organic compost mixed with perlite.
    *250w cfl 2700 and 6400 with reflector on easy hangers(also have 2 others that only half the bulb work).
    *1 6in fan extractor that pulls in so much fresh air through the vent openings at the base of the tent that it moves the plants and also keeps the temps between 74 and 78
    *Biobizz grow and bloom which worked very well on my last grow.

    think thats about it for the setup, on to the good bit, the pictures. Starting from sprout(day 1) up to today(day 19) will post more pics as the grow continues.

    I also have a lowryder2 growing but i will concentrate on the easy ryder

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  2. Just a quick update......Day 21

    swapped my main 250w bulb in the reflector to flower and put a 125w veg bulb (250w but it got damaged in the post and only half works, i have 2 like this, the seller replaced them FOC) in aswell, still keeping the temps at around 74

    I have also cut down the amount of grow nutes slightly and started introducing bloom nutes.
    Oh yeah i having done a bit of tying down to open the plant out (LST??) and get more light all over the plant

    Heres some pics. Let me know what you think

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  3. Day 24..........

    As i said before i had another plant growing in my tent with my Easy ryder its a LR2 and it has just gone a bit mad the last few days. I was going to bin it last week as it didnt seem to be doing much but i might aswell keep it now.

    Any way on to the Easy ryder......... Loads of bud sites for such a small plant (about 18 plus the main cola) she's starting to hum a bit aswell but thats all good.

    Off to The Dam on tuesday for my annual trip, gonna buy some more seeds but not sure what to get. might get some red dragon from barneys as i need plants that stay fairly short and compact.

    Any tips, advice or opinions would be good

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  4. yo i am trying to grow easy ryder too but i am failing miserbly

    so lemme try to get this straight .. you started it out with a 250w 6400k cfl light? how far away did u keep the ligth from the plant? and what light cycle did you use? how did you go about watering?
  5. Looks fuckn amazing!!! I wanna know why myne are soo short!!! WTF!!! Take a look at mine:wave:

    What nutes you using??

    Light schedule??

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    My setup is....

    4ft x 2ft x 2ft hydrolab grow tent

    250w cfl veg and 250w cfl flower + 2 veg lamps but only half the lamp work so 125w i use them for additional lighting during flower, these lights are set on a timer 18/6 and have never been more than 2in from the plant. i did the same for my el nino GHS and never got any burns or crinkled leaves.

    Organic compost mixed with perlite probably around 70/30

    Bio bizz grow and bloom mixed with tap water that has stood for 24hrs, mostly bloom with this grow. standard 5ml per litre with feed, 1 liter a day now. Oh yeah i give her plain water 1 day a week

    My temps stay at 74-78 with the lights on and drop to 68-70 lights off, i have a 6in fan blowing the warm air out at the top which sucks cool air in at the bottom and pulls it up through the plants, ill try and get some pics tonight when i get in so you can see.
    Hope this helps.
  7. Heres some pics of my setup taken today, its getting a bit tight in there now. I wish i had done something with the LR2 as she is starting to flower now and is growing loads, might have to do some triming but i dont want to stress her to much. The Easy Ryder looks like one of those mini Xmas trees that people have on their desks at work...so sweet but i know i should have topped her, but oh well heres the pics.....

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  8. hi sorry to hijack ya thread a lil but , do you think the easy ryder would cope well with being topped?:smoking:
  9. lookin good bro...im bout to grow a ghani plant...i got 20 free ghani seeds when i ordered 5 femmed autoflowering easy ryder seeds...but this is my first grow so i am experimenting with the ghani seeds first...but im stickin around...and about how tall is your easy ryder plant right now??:)

  10. look 3 posts above this question, click roors link. They do awesome being topped so far on his grow. Mary Whore is lookin sexy.

    Also sexy lookin grow here friend. Is this a homemade compost mixed with the perlite? I have never done a soil grow but am about to start one.
  11. Update....Day 27

    Hi all, Seriously running outta room in my tent but apart from that all is going well. My G13 Haze has just sprouted and is looking healthy (she will take over the tent once my Easy ryder and LR2 are finished). ER is looking great lots of bud action going on, LR2 is getting there slowly but again quite a few good looking bud sites.

    Still wish i had topped ER but i will remember that for future reference, She is 13in talland the LR2 is about 10in. I have tied down the main stem on the LR2 and done a bit of trimming and it looks like i will end up with 6 main buds.

    My compost is a local garden centers own brand organic and has worked well in our garden for tomatoes, strawberries etc so i figured it would be ok, ive used it all up now so i dont have the bag with the breakdown but it had seaweed, wormcastings, coir amongst other things.

    Cant wait till tuesday, off to the dam. Need to smoke some decent shit as all we have around at the moment is dog shit, lots of sprayed stuff still going about which i dont touch and damp homegrown which i also avoid. Have got some blue cheese and mako haze on its way but will be another couple of weeks.

    Anyway heres a few pics ER first 3 then LR2 last 2

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  12. SShit loooks good. I guess LEDS are not for Autos. I still cant figure out how your plants are so big. Myne are ehhhhhhh. Everyone says so healthy but, if its healthy to me it will grow. ahahahah I dont knw but I hope I get some stretch....... :wave::wave:
  13. Yeah im really chuffed with these lights, its weird that mine has grown like this, i was expecting it to stay really short and small but she is getting bigger everytime i look.

    People say that these lights dont work well, and if you are using cfl then you should use lots of small ones but i havent had any problems.

    Im away for a few days so i'll catch up with you all later......... Actually i might post some pics of the bud in amsterdam whilst im there
  14. Hi all, Had a good trip to the dam apart from it rained the first day, but oh well it rains here all the time so nothing new. Didnt buy any seeds, everything was so expensive, the green was great as always but still cost alot.

    Anyway UPDATE Day 33.............

    Plants are doing well, starting to get a bit of colour change in a few leaves on the ER but everything else seems ok.

    First 3 ER, then 3 LR2 and then a family pic (G13 baby in the back)

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  15. Looks REALLLL good. Im jealous. I am hoping my next 2 are alot bigger like yours. I have 3 more seeds left. SO I guess I wont let them go to waste. But I am gettin my next setup before I do anything. Ill keep watching.
  16. Update...... Day 39

    My buds are filling out nicely on the ER and she STINKS now, the LR2 looks to be a week or 2 behind but is still looking good.

    I'm a bit puzzled after looking on the Joint Doctors website, 70-75 from germination. well according to that i've got 3 weeks left and theres no way she's got that long left in her maybe a week, tops 2 weeks. Suppose i'll have to wait and see, going to flush her next week so hopefully all will be well.

    Anyway pic time First 2 ER(bit of bud porn) second 2 LR2

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  17. omg! i'm so glad you did this log, i'm growing one out right now too and i thought my plant was fucked from a recent fuck up i did to it (ph nute lockout) and i saw yours and felt so much better knowing it's actually right on track!

    keep us posted!
  18. Ive got 1 LowRyder #2 and 2 LowRyder#2 X Auto Ak-47 in the mail right now and I really hope to get my plants lookin as good as yours however I am using PL-36W Fluoro tubes. Anyways i am extremely interested in your grow log so keep it updated and keep it detailed as possible! thanks in advance!

  19. Love to see an update.......it's been over 2 weeks ;)
  20. Why is it growing sideways... :p

    Looks good. :D

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