Easy Ryder autoflower grow

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  1. Here is my Easy Ryder just coming up on the end of week 6. Grown in bio buzz allmix in a 20l pot using bio bizz grow and bloom so far. Using the marshydro 600 old model led and growing in a 2x2ft area. Temps are staying between 24-26 at most times and humidity is rarely moving below or above 40%. Due to height restrictions in my tent the plant has been trained to reduce height by bending the main cola over and attaching a sort of scrog like net before removing after I had it trained the way I wanted it to be. First grow that's actually made it past the seedling stage and was just looking for any feedback on how this grow is going , any suggestions would be really appreciated and any guesses of what to expect yield wise, only growing for personal use so quality is by far more important however I still want this to be worth my while. Here is the pics as of today , if anyone would like to see any pics along the way feel free to ask.

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