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  1. Anybody here have experience growing and smoking Easy Kush from Feminized Seeds? It's my understanding that it's indica dominant, which is good cause I smoke for medical purposes that I have explained before. Problem is I can't find much info on it at all. Was hoping to get some opinions on the smoke and some info on the grow. Also, I didn't see a grow journal for Easy Kush, but if anybody knows of one a link would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Never heard of that strain.
  3. Company A.
    Femalesseeds.nl ( out of Netherlands, which allows cannabis breeding) been in business for a couple decades. strains include; Easy Sativa, Iced Grapefruit,

    Company B.
    Feminised Seeds Company ( out of UK, which does not allow cannabis breeding) been in business for about 90 days. Strains include Easy Kush, and Super Iced Grapefruit. ohh and they Photoshop their pics(stolen dispensary ads by the look of em).

    try Femalesseeds.nl's Black Sugar for an Indica dom. strain with pain relief.

  4. Thanks for the warning bro

  5. Good rule of thumb on the seeds stick with the big name makers. Because they sell seeds doesnt mean there worth a shit usually. Probably 75% of the seed makers out there are shit. Barneys, Paradise Seeds, World of Seeds, DNA, Reserva are some top shelf ones to name a few.

  6. Had some great Barney Seeds and had some shit ones luck of the draw about 50/50

  7. That's what I've been reading, even seen some people go 0 for 2 and 0 for 3. I was going to get the LSD cause it sounds kick ass and is supposed to be "easier" to grow, but I'm not to sure after that. This order will be for my first 2 grows ever, it's likely I'll make some mistakes, I can't have my odds cut in half at germination.
  8. Another reliable seed bank is marijuana-seeds.nl

    I'm growing their seeds in my sig. 12/12 popped, 1 didn't make it past day 3 due to it twisting in the grow medium and it would have been weak.

    I am about to pop 6 more seeds from them. Lots of good seed banks to choose from. You can always pickup a 420 magazine (High Times for instance) and checkout the strains in the color pics from seed banks that advertise in there. Those would be reputable companies to order from....Nirvana, Attitude, Barney's, Mr Nice....etc

  9. The Easy Kush was on quite a few seed bank sites including Attitude that's why I thought it was legit. I will check out the seed bank you suggested though.
  10. I checked them out but they don't even show the breeders. They could sell you anything and not only would you not know till it's too late, there's also nothing you could do about it. So far, I think I will stick with attitude. Thanks though.
  11. I should be getting my order of Easy Kush from gorilla seed bank any day. I would not have ordered them but I was so excited, and jumped the gun. we will see how grow goes :) Did you ever get yours Blitz?

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