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Easy hiding spot for most

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stealthslaya77, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. OK. So I see alot of new folk on the forums, including myself, and one of the more common questions is "where can i hide my stash so my parents/roomates dont know?

    And i found one very promising solution to this that works if you have some sort of game system you or one of your friends doesnt use anymore.

    1. Take the system and open it up

    2. Rip the guts out using a screwdriver and your hands to make it empty
    Then take the guts and put them somewhere that the person you are hiding it from wont look

    3. Then put that in a closet somewhere that will just pass off as a shoebox

    4. Add your piece and weed and lighter and other accesories

    5. Put the top back on, and put it where it was before with a few dryer sheets over the top of all of the smelly stuff to conceal the smell a little and you are good to go.

    Hope this helped anyone who needed a more secretive then average stash spot

    EDIT:This also works with an oversized speaker from an old boombox or cd player.
    keep :bongin: :smoking:
  2. good idea an all but its been done before. alot. like, almost everyone has hidden something in a speaker, game system, or tv before.
  3. I wasnt saying i was the first, just giving a tut on a good way to do this.
  4. how dare you rip the guts out of an NES
  5. sick, thanks
  6. I second that. Good idea, but come on, NES?! Atleast put it in like a Sega Dreamcast/some other POS system lol
  7. i think its funny that you would have the instructions to put the guts where no one will find them. why not just stash your weed there?

  8. Sooo true.
  9. gotta try that. I usually put it in my guitar case, nobody ever looks there, except maybe my dad, but he's ok with it, he knows i smoke
  10. But now you can't play your NES :,(
  11. Don't forget an old CPU! I just open up the side of my old computer tower and voila, inside is my 10" ssfg beaker, grinder, ounce of nugs, kief, bowls, mflb, papers...plenty of room and somewhere noone would ever look...Deffinitely my favorite stash spot I have ever had.:hello:

  12. Agreed.

    I keep all of my stuff inside my computer, and then stuff I don't use often at all I keep stored inside my sub in my room which is a few screws and it is open.

    Only thing to keep in mind is if you use the computer, you shouldn't keep anything in there like bud, or even a piece... It's just going to heat up inside and either ruin your bud, or have a scent coming out of the machine lol.
  13. This is why I don't even have the computer plugged in...I don't use it at all anymore as I have my laptop, so my computer is now just for a stash case:smoke:
  14. i think u have it backwards.. u need to rip open the xbox, not the super nintendo, lol
  15. I'm gonna do this with my old original xbox haha, hopefully my bong will fit in it.
  16. I can't believe you did that to a NES

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