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  1. So I spent all day at the vet today only to leave my little puppy behind so they could continue 24hr treatment. He caught the parvovirus? something I really didnt know anything about until today. So this virus can linger around outside on trees,fences, and pretty much anywhere a infected dog goes for up to 9 months!GROSS! Now im home sad as fuck thankfully I have some dank to help me through. Has anyone had a dog thats been infected with this virus? are they ok now? wa
  2. I don't have any pets but I wish the best for your dog. Is the virus life threatening?
  3. Yes its life threatening =( the vet said 50/50 chance he'll make it. Thanks
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    Is this because you didn't have your dog immunised/vaccinated?
    Most viruses etc can be avoided that way.
    Consider it a lesson learned - Get it done, or you have no end of problems.
    Do NOT take your puppy outside until it's been done, do NOT allow other people who have touched dogs, or dirty shoes to come into contact with the puppy.
    Getting a dog vaccinated IMO is something of a basic parental responsibility of the owner.
    I guess now you know that.
  5. I had my puppy in the ER last Sun.
    She's fine now, turns out my puppy is addicted to water
    and drank way too much!

    But yes always keep up with the puppy shots. So far I've
    done everything up to date and she's healthy. I also try to
    keep her from animals with runny noses, other dogs poop etc...
    Just make sure she doesn't get into things while she's outside.
    If my puppy tries to linger or lick things, I don't let her, we just
    keep on going.

    I'll wish you the best OP.
  6. sleepy puppies:


    2 months old :)

  7. My dog actually is vaccinated along with neutered i am actually a responsible dog owner puppies are just more prone to getting it and I wasn't aware it was something that had to be done yearly such as rabies witch i have done every year =(

  8. Aw addicted to water and she drank to much thats funny. Glad she's ok now. Im hoping for the best
  9. Sorry to hear your pooch is sik, hopefully she/he will be alright!

    On a lighter note, my grandma goes to a doctor who only accepts cash, no insurance, because my grandma is pretty fucking loony. She's convinced she ha parvovirus, even though humans can't get it.
  10. My doggie died last night got a call at 12 am and stayed up there till 4 when he passed =( cruel world
  11. Sorry for your lose. Now's the perfect time to spark up a blunt that you know you can't finish but do anyways.

  12. Im sorry to hear that :(
    This joint goes out to you and your dog!

  13. yea smoking a lot =(

  14. Sucks dude, my dog is my best friend.. I don't know what I'd do without him.. :(

    Sorry man, my love goes out to you.

  15. yea i miss him so much! fuck
  16. Sorry to hear that. It sucks that anything can die so easily in this world. RIP.
  17. good luck bro. i hope for the best for you and your puppy
  18. Sorry man:(
    Get another dog it will help you get over this:wave:
  19. That's a shame...how old was he?

  20. Almost 2

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