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East Coast Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by xBlue lDream, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I don't see why people seem to think that just because they are from Cali that they have the best bud on the planet. There is some serious dank all over the place you just have to have made the right connections lol. I haven't had much time to post so here are a few of my favorite strains that have come through NC recently. Let me know what you think. :bongin:


    Purple Kush

    Critical Haze

    Lemon Kush

    King Kong

    Purple Urkle

    White Widow

    Unfortunatly no name for this one.
  2. True that! Theres lots of good bud around, the problem is getting a connect who has/can get the good.
  3. Right it took me a bit over a year of smoking regularly to find the connects I have and they know I can get great prices and better bud from someone else if I don't like what they have to tell me. So they feel like they have to find the best bud around for the cheapest price they can. Just another example of how competition helps out consumers lol.

  4. Werd, i wish it was like that here. Very good bud floating around but every one sells it for the same price if not more.
  5. That's how it was for me for a long time, but I got lucky and started finding people who would sell for around 20 - 25 bucks cheaper on eighths so naturally I would go to them for a half Oz or so at a time lol
  6. I found my dealer right away, second dude i bought off and i knew he was the man. After a while he started the hook up the prices compared to everyone else. Now i just buy off him because its the best prices that ive heard of the the consistency and dankness.

    And he delivers to my block, totally chill, easy to work with and almost always has bud because hes a stoner lol

    looks like some dank nuggets, east coast has a lot of dank, i dont think anyone educated on the bud game questions it...
  7. Some good selection and all of it's looking beautiful.

    I'm on the same coast, we usually get some pretty standard choices, not too much selection. The headband I'm very familiar with now, but something like the critical haze or some good lemon kush is hard to come across.

    Keep postin'
  8. Now that's some dank shit. :D Keep it up man! :smoking:
  9. Yeah man, the whole west coast thing fucks with me too.. I have, and have gotten, some awesome quality MJ over here, the dispensary I frequent always has great stuff.. Nothing wrong with the East man
  10. Forgot to post these earlier first one is Sweet Tooth, the second I'm not to sure but I'm thinking the guy said it was Afgan. Sorry about quality on some of these phone can only do so good for pics.


  11. some fire looking buds from nc.
    im from mass but a few strains look like bud ive had

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