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Easiest way to press kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrwigg1es, May 7, 2011.

  1. Kief is really awesome but really annoying. It's awesome because it gives you a good mental high. But it's annoying because as a powder you can't smoke it without bud, and if you're high you might do something like spill it or laugh and blow it off with your breath (I know from experience). So I wanted to press it today and couldn't find a thread on how to do it with the things I had. I don't have a grinder, a screen, or anything else except weed in a mason jar a lighter and a bowl. So How will I smoke the kief? I had no weed so I went on a quest to find out.

    First, I had to extract the kief from stems and trimmings. I had no screen, no way to get a screen, I didn't want to do the cold water method because I wasn't sure I would be able to do it right. So I basically just shook the hell out of the big mason jar I have. the kief built up on the walls as I was shaking it. I rubbed the kief off with my finger, and scraped it off with a knife onto a paper plate. Amazingly enough, there was almost no plant material. No more than I had when I used my $90 space case, at least.

    To compress it, I put it into a little aluminum foil pocket I made. I press it down with my knife to the bottom, then i pinched it and compress it from the top down with my fingers. I then waved a lighter below it for a couple seconds and compressed it with my fingers and flipped it over and repeated that for a couple minutes.

    Once I took removed the aluminum foil wrapping, i had dense, compressed, golden colored kief. I then smoked it, feeling kinda like a crack head smoking crack because it was liking smoking rocks. I got really high. It was kief from mostly kb. Sorry I don't have pictures. It smoked just like bubble hash that i had one time, except it burned faster. If I had done the cycle of flipping and burning it for longer I think that would have made it more like hash.
  2. wax paper, fold it in half to create a crease, put kief in middle of wax paper and of crease, fold in half, take iron to it for 30 seconds on steam setting, and there yah go
  3. Put the kief into the freezer for a while.

    Then put the kief between your pointer finger and your thumb. Roll it around and apply lots of pressure, eventually it will turn into hash.

  4. I saw a youtube on that. There was a comment that said it made the hash taste like wax. Is that true?

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