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Easiest Way To Pass Your PreEmployment Urine Drug Test On Short Notice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SourDbytheOz, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I was looking online for advice on how to pass drug test on short notice but couldnt find recent information on what synthetic urine still works for todays drug tests. Ive been recently hired so i decided give some advice. Be aware this is the EASIEST way to pass on short notice. 300% garenteed toxic dri ks DO NOT WORK! Ive tested two and both failed regular low cost home tests kits from Walmart. If you hate reading (your probably already pissed lol) and just want a quick solution ive summarized this post direcly below:

    Company Testing: eScreen
    Product used was Ultra Pure Pro.
    Cost: 29.99 at my local smoke shop
    Date Product Tested: 7/20/2011
    Test results: Pass. Temperature at 98 degrees.
    Clothing recommended: briefs, jeans AND A LONG SHIRT!
    Failed home test kit with Detox Drink 300% Garentee

    When you pass the interview theyll give you a sheet with the drug test company address and name. The company that administered my test was eScreen. So if you luck out on that, I can safely say youll pass.

    Ultra pure came with everything you need including heat pad and temp reader built into the container. Heat the product before you get there obviously. Its easier to heat and cool it when its already at the 90 degree zone. If your on the go, the car heater will get it ready without problems.

    When ready put the container in your briefs. Theyll tell you to empty your pockets before the testing.

    Also! She put a blue solution in the water which made me nervous as shit because i didnt know if it was to detect any type of thc by changing colors or synthetic products. I hadnt read about any solutions they put in toilets before a drug test so I was careful not to spill any synthetic in water for safe measures. I used the bare minimum synthetic and told her i couldnt go that much to justify not using the toilet with the unknown solution. The cup is suprisingly big so make sure you at least get the 3 oz Ultra Pure.

    I gave her the cup and she stared the shit out of it which made me nervous again. But stay coo and dont say anything. She put the cup in the reader and got a print out for me to sign. After that your mission is accomplished! Now get the fuck out of that building as fast as you can in an non awkward non weed head type of way.

    Although it this post may not relate to you now, it may in the future and its good having the confidense your going to pass in that stressful situation. Be aware human urine cannot be store for large amounts of time so asking for clean urine may not be readily accessable.

    Good luck out there.
  2. can anyone confirm Ultra Pure 4oz synthetic urine working?? please elaborate

    Sample accepted by lab technician...waiting on results from today's test.
  3. I had a drug test with an eScreen facility. I'm a fairly heavy smoker, seeing as I smoke everyday at least once, but usually more. Anywho, I had smoked two days before my drug test, not knowing I had one. It sneaked up on me, and I started to panic. I did a whole lot of researching on different forums. I decided to use qCarbo32. I ended up only drinking 16oz of the 32oz, but it wasn't a problem (I am only 4'11, 110lbs) clearly because I passed! I drank a shit ton of water with the detox drink and peed like 8 times before the actual test. I'm unsure if it was the drink itself that worked, or the flushing of my system with just water. Either way, I'm just happy I passed.
  4. Calling on experienced drug testees.

    I took a urinalysis at a top of the line lab yesterday. I had smoked 2 joints of very good jack herer 9 days before the test. Before the 9 days i had not smoked for about 15 days. I'm 22, 5'9'' 174lbs. In the 9 days before the test, i took 250mg niacin everyday. I drank a lot of water everyday. I ran/ went to the gym about twice. I did intense bikram yoga (90 min yoga session in a sauna) twice on an empty stomach. The day before the test i took 4 campine Potable Aqua water purification tablets. The day of the test i woke up about 5 hours before the test, did not eat, and started drinking water and urinating. I urinated about 6 times. I took a one-a-day multivitamin about 3.5 hours before the test. Once i finally gave the urine sample, i peed for about 2 seconds then filled the cup then peed for about 5 seconds into the toilet. My urine was definitely a lot of water, but it was in fact yellowish.

    Do you think i may fail because it was too watered down, do you think if so i will be able to retest (lets just say the job i'm applying for is a job that would have 0 tolerance for drug use), and do you think any thc will be detected in the urine?

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