Easiest way to bypass ip ban?

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  1. I don't know shit about this, and don't feel like going through and trying proxy after proxy to find one that isn't flagged on the server. What is the simplest method to bypass an IP ban from a website?
  2. A lot more IT experience than I can offer...Outside of proxies I'm not sure there is one unless you're on dial-up still, in which case your IP would change each time you connect.

    Constant connect such as cable, sat, phone line...Constant IP. I believe the IP can only be changed by ISP, you can change ISP's I suppose.:cool:
  3. look for an ip changing program. One that will bounce you around to different ips.
  4. just look up how to change internet proxy manually...or use a site like nuip.net

  5. OscarZetaAscosta being..........serious? Do my eyes decieve me? Did someone hack thous account?
  6. If your ISP provides you with a dynamic IP, change it.
  7. On GC....restart your router.
  8. i pay 70 a year for a VPN that let me do whatever the fuck i want on the internet
  9. I doubt that. Most VPN's will record logs of your activity and if you happen to fuck up your ass will be handed to you. :D
  10. [quote name='"GeorgeW Kush"']

    OscarZetaAscosta being..........serious? Do my eyes decieve me? Did someone hack thous account?[/quote]

    I, too, am fucking astonished.
  11. lots of ways...

    the easiest ways..
    go into your router site and change your IP from static to dynamic...

    proxy websites
  12. I think that the feds got the entire internet piped through a closet in New Jersey. :rolleyes:

    Anything you do on the internet is being logged and somebody somewhere is monitoring it.

    I could just be paranoid but I'm pretty sure we live in a police state now.

    Proxy Servers - Page 1 of 9
  13. Download hotspot shield, 70% of the time it works everytime :laughing:

    or try these Yahoo! Groups

    Hotspot shield is the best easiest option.
  14. You can't. You are banned, which means you fucked up. You can try to get a different IP by powering off your cable modem, then powering back on, but your cable company issues IP address leases based on your MAC address. If you change your MAC, you will no longer be provisioned on their network, and you won't have any internet access. None of this makes sense to you because you don't understand it, you just want someone to tell you how to make it go away. This is like herpes; you don't just make it go away.

    You cannot change your IP, only your ISP can. A change of IP is triggered (specifically) by expiration of IP lease, so you may (or may not) get a new one when that happens. You can use a proxy, but if you're gaming, that's not going to work either.
  15. The only way to change your IP is know serious computer hacking shit. Like military grade, my dad taught my that and its mad complicated. There's no way you could without serious computer training.
  16. I learned military grade hacks in middle school, apparently. Secret lies with him <----
  17. lol move to a new home n get a new laptop taadaaah - solved by idiot
  18. Use the TOR network, it uses someone else IP as your own

  19. That won't work.
  20. Use another computer.

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