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easiest and cheapest way to grow hydroponics

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by LoSoSmokesBudd, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. alright hello fellow growers and pot smokers. im very very new to growing in general. and im very limited on money....and i need someone the basics of doin this. i know how to build it i just need to kno how to maintain it and buy the equipment at a low cost.... please help

    thanks in advice
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    How limited are your funds if you don't mind me asking?
    Sufficient lighting alone could run anywhere from 80$ and higher easy
    I went the "budget" route because of limited funds and it ended up biting me in my @ss being that I was limited to an indoor grow because of location
    A couple hundred $ later, my grow tent is more respectable and is showing promise
    Could be a better idea to begin to gather the necessary equipment a little at a time until you are set
  3. well for now i only have 100 bucks soo beside lightin that is 80 bucks and up. what about the other equipment and chemicals for the plant can grow heathy
  4. I use a three part series of nutrients from General Hydroponics
    It came free with my hydro kit so not sure on individual pricing but you need nutrients
    PH UP and PH Down have saved me plenty of pain and anguish because of PH fluctuations
    People go cheap and use aspirin and lime powder, to name a few, to adjust the pH but, this could prove more of a challenge as I have read up on people all the time in the Sick plant forum if you know what I mean
    I chose a passive hydro system which ran me like 70 or 80$ around there but it included pots, mediums as in hydroton and rockwool, the three part nutrients that I am still using, and air pump, was a great investment on my part
    All I needed was lights and I ended purchasing a grow tent because of my location
    PH tester would be in your best interest
    A fan or two would be nice
    Have yet to grow in soil so can't really help you too much there
  5. cheapest hydro method known to man is coco coir, lol! no rez, no pumps, you get the idea. do a search, you'll be convinced...
  6. You can build an Aeroponic set for about 50-60. I also went the cheap route and it too bit me in the ass. Do yourself a favor. Buy the right materials from the start.
  7. If youre really strapped for cash why not just grow in potting mix? Much more forgiving and hell you can buy a 50 liter bag of potting mix for like $3. Get a couple of second hand pots from somewhere, clean em up really good with bleach and then spend the rest of yr money on lighting and nutes.
  8. The easiest hydro system to take care of is a flood and drain table imo. If you are new to growing hydro i suggest you start with it rather then a more complex system that way their is less chance of failure. As far as cheap you can build one cheaply though i suggest buying it to prevent problems.
  9. DWC... all the way..

    5 gallon bucket and net pot lid - $8
    Airstone and airline - $4
    air pump - $10
    nutes - $30
  10. thanks all of you guys for the advice
    which is faster to grow... hydro or soil..eitherway i know im going to have to wait about 4 months to smoke it up buh i want quality in my grow...
    also does it have to specifically have to be a seed that is for hydro or can i manipulate the plant to grow into some kush of some sorts?
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  12. I built my first BB. I currently have a plant flowering out of control in it (female too :D:D:D). As such I would not say that building one is a bad idea.

    Its inexpensive, but not totally free, unless you have the materials on hand. What I found out was I got nickel and dimed for about $40 when all was said and done. For instance, I don't keep any fish, so I had to go out and buy the pump and hose for the airline. I could build one much cheaper now, as I have many of the materials I need from the first build.

    For $60 you get something pre-made, with alot better design, and a warranty. If you cant order one, then go for the build. If you have the ability to buy pre made, save yourself the time and effort. Its not that much more money.
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    This is what you should be doing. A bubble bucket is one of the easiest hydroponic systems I have worked with. I am only a few days in, but check out my grow to see what I'm using. The bucket and net pot lid cost me $6.99 (I have 3 gal buckets) Airstone was $3.99 (Industrial quality) Airline is like $0.25/ft. and I bought the starters kit by Technaflora on amazon. Here's a link to them. Amazon.com: Recipe for Success Starter Fertilizer Kit: Home & Garden $35.00. EDIT: You also need an aquarium air pump. You can get these anywhere (Wally World) for under $15.

    You could get away with a DIY lighting kit like this one - http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/639492-diy-cfl-lighting-unit.html


    Also, you will need a pH measurement system, General Hydroponics sells one for about $12.00.

  14. Kush is just a strain. Any type of seed can be grown hydro. If you have bag seed itll be bag seed but really good :smoke: I love my Pro Mix setup. I get a giant brick of it for 40. Similar to CoCo.

  15. dude, do a search, and you'll see coco is the way to go. there's no pumps, reservoirs, trays, tables, timers or any of the regular equipment needed to grow hydro. it's exactly like growing in soil, but the ph and feeding schedule is hydro. as a matter of fact, imo, coco is superior to all other mediums. if you're funds are limited, coco is 4 u!!!
  16. alright guys i have decided which one system too get....and i recently just sold ma pistol soo im bouts to get the coco coir and build me a BB....see which one grows faster...and wuh would i have to do to make my own kind of strain like the dude off of weeds that show on showtime?
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    You really need to Research some shit before you start buying shit man or you will regret it, take a few weeks to read up and figure out what you are doing figure out your budget and what you need to buy then go from there... Here is a shopping list of most of the things you will need to purchase and as far as hydro goes i wouldn't even bother with out good HID lighting. http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute...-list-beginners-other-useful-information.html

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