Earthbox advice needed please, plus some of my learning curve

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    I switched to earthboxes 1/2 way through my second grow becuase I needed to be able to rotate the plants better for spider control and light control.
    I have used earthboxes out side for tomatoes. Amazon oftne has the best prices, 55$ plus free shipping.

    At the same time I moved to EB I was convinced to try Ocean forest potting soil,,, now about three weeks later the grow is going fine, but I have some issues and need advice and thoughts.
    I read the HT article on using EB , and ocean forest and was lead to belive that that OF would wick water up to the plants,,,,, I am not finding that to be true.
    anyone else notice this?
    please confirm of deny this experince.
    I am having to top water the boxes twice a week and top feed. This is fine, I then catch extra water in run off tray, its easier to empty than lifting pots.

    EB were desgined to be used with potting mix.... a soilless mixture, that will wick water. Also , the ocean forest feels damp all of the time, even when plants say they are thirsty, and the ocean forest feels cold all of the time. most strange. so I am not sold on the OF as a potting medium for senior plants. ( i liked it for vegging)
    soiless mixtures in the EB are supposed to be fed a time release fertilizer, a big no no for our plants.

    my next grow will be in these boxes in four weeks.

    Here are my options. the goal is for the plants to have steady access to water and food, the key to great plants.

    1 try potting mix,,, now available for the next three months at the local stores,,, but it has no food in it, so how do I feed? risk putting flora nova in the water and praying? I know top feeding works.but with potting mix I can make it too wet and drown roots,,,, soo bad.

    2 use potting mix on bottom of EB, ocean forest in the middle, or better grade potting soil for food, and then do some top feeding with flora nova. hopefully not drowning roots.

    3 use good quality potting soil, and put wicking mats in the bottom of the EB to draw water up and proceed to top feed.

    Please if you have used EB and had these issues , post a bit, I like the EBs, and I am going to make them work right for indoor grows. I will make it simple, this is just the painful think about it, do it right curve.
  2. I use sunshine mix 4 and canna ferts directy pored into the resovoir. I have had no problems 2 plants each earthbox I avg 8 ounces per box indoor. Doing my first outdoor now will let you know on yields,
  3. thnaks for the rply, I am on my fifth earthbox grow and love them, I changed to black jack soil and in box ferts, mixed in the box, with just a touchof GH in the resovior, I am geting 2 -3.5 dri oz per plant
    what plants are you using?
  4. i was also thinking of purshusing EB for my first grow.
    I was hoping to tend to the garden a little less with the EB- do you guys find this to be true?
  5. My wife has her medical licence so we are growing 5 different strains.
    Grapefruit Kush
    and Purple Arrow.

    I use to use 4 gallon pots for years but after I switched over to the earthbox there;s no going back. Also Earthbox has a automatic watering system that I am hooking up next, You can hook up up to 30 earthboxes on one system. It connects to a regular water hose. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!
    Basically You dont have to water your garden EVER again. You can leave your grow area for 2 weeks or more if you want not reccomended of course. Just have to figure out a way to deliver the nutrients throught the system working on that will let you know how it goes.
    Ill probally start a new thread on it soon.

  6. Please do!!!!
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    For an easy indoor grow it cannot be beat, I use one time fert, black jack and just water the boxes when less than 1/2 full, you can over water!
    its soo easy compared to pots and the plants get big and really happy on unlimited water,

  8. I have also read about the earthbox and am pretty sure its how i want to grow as what will be my first grow.

    i read the same high times article about it with the fox farms ocean forest or light warrior soil with fox farms bloom or age old bloom nutrients.

    it seems like a fool proof plan, not having to worry that much about watering. although its interesting to hear about the ocean forest soil always being cold and wet.....i wonder if the light warrior or another fox farms mix would be better. i like the idea of fox farms cuz its organic, and everything is better organic......even weed, says high times mag.

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