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  1. I'm new to this site and have never grown anything before, but I was considering purchasing an Earth Cab Pro from here: Earth Cab Pro - Universal Hydro

    I feel like everyone on these forums is against these over-priced, pre-fab units, but I was wondering what people thought all the same. To be honest, I don't really want to pay this much for a unit, but I've been looking everywhere and this seems to be the best thing for my needs. I guess I'm busy, and I don't want to spend months trying to put together a cabinet like others have done. Also, I like the stealthiness and the locking aspect of this particular cabinet. Plus, all the components on this unit seem to be higher quality than those of the similar Deluxe 2.0, and since I only plan to grow for myself, I'm not sure I really want a hydroponic unit anyway, which may produce more, but would also require more work. As I say, I'm only looking to grow for myself, but all the PC Boxes, etc. seem too small. Plus, then I would have find a place to put clones, and if I wasn't yielding enough, I would have to just buy more units. I feel like this Earth Cab would be plenty for me, and although it's expensive, I would buy it and be ready to go. What do people think? Does anyone know anything about this company? Does anyone foresee any problems with this unit? Does someone know of something else that would be cheaper and still suit my needs?

    Any ideas or thoughts would be really helpful, as I don't want to waste $2,000. I just feel like I could make up that money by all the savings it would provide (the hundreds I spend monthly on green), and as I say, I like the fact that this thing is a done deal, and also stealthy. Please help out a wannabe grower!
  2. I'm running an Earth Cab Pro XL right now and i'm pretty happy with it. First yield was a little under a pound and took 90 days from unrooted clone, but my second pull was 1.20 and since I had my clones ready to in the clone chamber, it finished in 60.
  3. Wow. That's awesome. Do you have any pictures? Are you talking about 1.2 pounds before drying or after? What strain were you using? Did you have any previous experience growing? Do you feel the height is adequate? Does it deal with heat, odor effectively?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I really think I'm going to buy this, and your post is really encouraging.
  4. 1.2 dried. I'm running what my buddy claims is blueberry, but I have my doubts...either way, it was super dank, packed with trichomes, and fat so no complaints! I've been around grows and helped trim, but hadn't grown anything before.

    I have kids, so the whole stealth factor was big for me. Smell was totally contained and it's damn quiet. No light leak at all either. I have it in my garage and have the door open on the weekends and no one has all. I used the trellis, actually double trellised to keep the plants height in check and had no problems, with exception of me getting a little over ambitious once and lowered the light too low.

    The box moves a TON of air, so heat wasn't a big deal for me...averaged in high 70's. You can put your hand on the back pre-filter and feel the air coming in, pretty impressive. We'll see what happens this summer.

    Overall I'm pretty damned stoked on my's working how I need it to so far. I was pretty worried when I first ordered it because you just never know these days. Hope that helps you bro!


  5. I am very interested in this cabinet also. Thinking about getting an earth cab xl 
  6. are you still running this setup? Do you prefer hps are led?

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