Early, whats up fellow insomniacs?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. well there are only 10 members online(91 members haha jesus)

    what the hell is up? My drunk/high went away about an hour or so ago but i am still surfin the city with not much else to do

    what ELSE is there to do at 5 am haha, sleep isnt an option :smoke: and the bud is out in the truck and i do NOT want to walk out in freezing snowy temps to get it, so ill just chill here and listen to music until i think i can fall asleep

    Anyone else have some fun plans or interesting shit to talk about? So desperate for something to do right now, help me out fellow insomniacs :D

  2. well its only 2 am where i am, its warm to, sorry youre in the cold. right now im down loading cat fighting sounds from junglewalk.com. its really fucking with my cats. they humor me when im stoned.
  3. it SHOULD be warm here

    damn cold air comin in from canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my cat died a few years ago and my parents refused to buy another and my dog sleeps all the time so i get NO entertainment from its lazy ass haha

    i WISH i was on the western coast time schedule. i am up so late all the time it would do me good to have the extra couple hours, feels like i am on that schedule anyways
  4. ^Dont blame Canada for your problems :p
    its now 230am here... it would suck if it was 5am..but it would be hella cool if it was snowing :D
  5. damn canadiens! they probably killed youre cat. lol!
  6. haha you know how the song goes, gotta BLAME CANADA :smoke:

    it is pretty cool with the snow coming down, very peaceful looking outside

    but for the first day of spring, this is NOT what i was expectings
  7. i havent seen snow since i lived in atlanta , at least 15 years ago. would be cool to be in it again. for a few minutes.

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