early start with pics! (updated)

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    the weathers been looking really nice in my area so i decided to set some girls in the dirt. i have been vegging these purple kush clones for about 9 weeks and they are about 3 feet tall. i dug some pretty deep and wide holes and filled them with fox farm and perlite. ive been feeding the plants with GH nutes and they are looking mighty healthy. and if u think about jumping my fence and taking my medication i posted a pic of my security guard! haha :)


  2. That medicine and security guard look amazing! Keep up the good work. Gl!
  3. i would not want to mess with that thing haha!
  4. thanks...ill keep posting new pics as the weeks go by....
  5. HIGH All, very Nice California....it's about time here...and seeing yours Girls makes me want to get out now *LOL*
  6. They look beautiful so far. Please continue to post pics, would love to see these grow into some sexy beasts. And I would never gank some beautiful cannabis from anybody! I would rather become friends and help you smoke them :D:smoking:
  7. you should get the death penalty for ganking someones meds! sharing is caring friends!!!!!!!:hello::hello::hello::hello:
  8. i like your garden, and your guard :p
  9. You have such a gorgeous dog, i want it! or one like it.
  10. oh man beautiful fawn bro!! big head, wide body n stocky. just beautiful! n beautiful plants
  11. thanks man pitbulls are the best dogs

  12. looks very nice Cali. My friend has a similar set up with his pits running around in the back - Great security. my plants are in the ground also hope they get as chunky
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    great minds think alike!
  14. Nice lookin plants and nice Pit! do you know what breed it is?damn i feel bad if someone tries to steal your medication. keep GC Updated with those bushes
  15. hes an american pitbull terrier and monster squad bloodline..
  16. cool. i have a blue nose pit and its razors edge bloodline

  17. Haha I love your dog bro. Hope he doesn't get hungry and eat those beauties! :hello:
  18. hes already chomped on some kush and was high for 3 days....i had to take him to the vet and get his stomach pumped....i think he learned his lesson :cool:
  19. whats up fellas...its been about 8 days since i put them in the ground and it seems like they have doubled in size...... heres some updated pics...



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