Early signs of male?

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  1. Hoping this isn't a male. Been on 12/12 cycle for 3 days, plant is around 8 weeks old. I know more time will show more obvious results, but any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  2. Why two threads for the same question?
  3. Way too soon to tell. All you can see are the stipules.
  4. Ooofda were to start here...
    Ok bud that is nothing like what your looking for. When searching for balls they will be tiny I will upload a few pics of some males I found the other day. They were not showing signs at evening when I woke up this what I seen.. this is the earliest noticable sign of a male I have seen they happen that fast overnight
    Do you see that tiny ball smack on the center of Y its forming the first lower ball Screenshot_20190726-200009_Gallery.jpg
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  5. Awesome, I was hoping so. Sorry for the double-post, I'm new here and want sure if I put it in the wrong spot. Thank you all.
  6. Im sure some people don't like repetitive I as well have seen your post. But... no offense to you guys you know what your doing already .. he or she doesn't yet.
    If a man ask you for water will you give him sand?
    Screw everyone man. Get the info you need and don't stop asking questions until you do.. Bet you the farm you will succeed and I hope you locate better info than we already have because your asking the questions and were just answering them. Your the one who will find the newest info.. good luck buddy

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