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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cwazee, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. is there any ways of determining the sex of your plant before flowering?
  2. nope. usually you can tell for sure no later than a week or two after flowering.
  3. Absolutely cwazee, it's a matter of how long you're willing to veg your plants. Some people can't wait the three weeks or so it might take for their plants to show pre-flower, so they put them on a 12/12 light schedule until they show their sex, and then switch back to vegging on a 18/6 or 24 hours of continuous light schedule.

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  4. Yes, after a while the plant will eventually show some preflower without going to 12/12. So growing it out for a while in vegg should get it to show.
  5. I havent done it only read about it. But if your plant is big enough and you dont want to stress it through flowing then veg again. You can cut of a stem and use it as a clone and put it under 12/12 light and it will show you what it is :). Hope that helps
  6. I also have heard of sexing a clone , but wait awhyile until the roots are reaching pretty good before you do so.....
  7. No need to wait for roots, the clone will show without being rooted..
    You could also just cover one branch tip with a peice of black bag, << you just have to take off and place back on every 12 hours. Its a pain but it work. I personal just take a clone if i cant wait, Changing to flowering than back to veg is stressfull on your plants. choke with ya'll later.... :smoking:

  8. I never understood taking clones from a plant that you don't know the sex of. Always Always Always clone off of a plant that you know is female. Going from veg to flower for 1-2 weeks to sex is fine on the plants, it has been done that way for 100's and 1000's of years. As for the bag trick that works well.

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