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  1. Hey gc

    So I planted 4 mango tango reg seeds and I'm about 1-2 weeks away from telling their sex but I may already know.

    Of the 4 plants one has been a beast the whole grow. It's currently 3-4 inches taller then the rest.

    So from my research male plants tend to grow faster and bigger in earlier stages of life. So if I'm correct I got 3/4 females and 1 male not bad I might add.

    What is your guys experiences
  2. I haven't noticed this, but I wasn't looking for it either! Curious to see the answers.

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  3. I don't think I would stake my grow on one plant growing larger than another. I've been into this pretty hot and heavy for about 4-5 years now. I only grow top grade feminized strains and resupply with clones. However, I've grown bag seed and everything else for years as well. Some plants just grow more voraciously than others. With the clones, I can take 20 (knowing they are all female) and always will have 3 or 4 out of the group that will do exceptionally well and grow like crazy. There will also always be one or two that act like they're just not going to make it and I have to give them a little extra love and attention and sometimes will even lose a couple. The rest fall in the middle and will grow normally. I take a new set of clones about every 6 weeks to keep a constant rotation going and it's this way every time. Be safe and wait until you can sex your plants the right way...generally at 8+ weeks, the female will shoot out a pistol and let you know what you've got. You don't have to flower them to tell what they are once you know what you're looking for. Good luck with your plants and I hope you have all females. TWW
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  4. I am by no means cutting it down till I'm 100% but this will be fun to find out.

    Just curious becuz the 3 smaller plants are all with 1/2-1 inch within each other but the last one is a beast.

    TWW I too have switched to all fem seeds. These ones are just the first seeds I bought.

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