Early Misty question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Adam Cheeb, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Hi folks, I did my first outdoor grow from bagseed last year and was pleased enough with the results to step it up to purchased seeds this year. I got some Early Misty and some Pure Power Plant. I had to leave them with minimal care for three weeks and they all stretched way too much but enough survived to put the lanky plants in the ground. With the EM (Early Misty) I started 5 seeds, 1 didn't sprout and I lost 3 in the seedling stage to stretching. They stretched so much they broke their little necks. Literally. After all was said and done, the males dispatched to an early death, I ended up with 2 PPP and 1 EM. Should be enough for my personal use. I started these in May in peat pots, then 6" pots then in the ground in late July. I know that's not ideal but it's what I got. The EM started showing flowers in mid-late July before I got her in the ground. She's a tall, lanky gal but has developed a really nice cola. But I'm seeing very little in the way of trichomes on this one. The PPPs started flowering in mid to late August and the earliest one is already showing lots of trichomes around the flowering sites. But not so with the EM. Any thoughts?

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