early harvest pics white widdow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shotti, May 15, 2010.

  1. no smoke around and my ww was looking so nice its 6 weeks into flowering gonna start flushing next week anyway this pic is after curing for 5 days wish i had a cam good enough to show all the thc this thing is coverd it shines when the light hits it atm the trichs are cloudy and really loving the buzz from this anyway what ya think guys????? BAG APPEAL?

  2. nice trimming job.

    I love WW. I grow the shit out of it. Had it all stages myself. If you let them get more than half amber you'll have a sedative on your hands.

    Looks good.
  3. Looks Pretty Damn Good. My Buddy Has Been Growing WW from Green House Seeds. It Is his fave strain of WW and he said the trich count is nuuuuts. Covered in Crystal :p Nice Trim and hope you loved every minute of it :)
  4. my white widdow is DINAFEM'S version really suprised with it considering it was a free seed awesome strain awesome smoke :) cant wait to harvest the rest
  5. haha Ive been two weeks dry and @30 days flowering, Those girls started looking really good. one started to hermi so I cut her/his ass down.

    I would have let her/him keep going but didnt want to risk getting seeds in the other plants so I justifed cutting her down. Only got 1 - 1.5g dry. /shrug

    She had far less bud development..
  6. I can't tell shit from the blurriness, but it does look like a great trimming job.
  7. yeh sorry for that dont have a good camera to show this babey off with :(

  8. I was only half kidding....she looks like she could be beautiful.
  9. DUDE!!!!!! you should not have cut his/her ass down :p
    you could walk away with sooo many feminized seeds with a hermi!!!

    should have just plopped it outside (depending where you live i guess)(and weather)
    cause it would still grow out there or just take it out of that grow room... top it so it wont grow taller and bud it somewhere else.... fem seeds pay off if your lucky with a good hermi. :p
    Just saying.
    but in a sense good call as well as to not pollinate your baby :)
  10. the good news is that the consensus is that you did an excellent job trimming.
  11. Better pics please and more of them ;) (looks good)

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