early flowering?.....is it possible?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blazntreez, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I have 2 plants growing outside since april.....I'm being forced to move out of my house in about a month and a half or so, is there any way i can force my plants to flower early outdoors. I think I heard something about putting a black bag over them for 12hours and then off for 12 hours......or is that for indoors. Please help.
  2. You can force them by covering them with anything that blocks enough light to trick it into thinking it's night-time. You only have to have it covered until it's fully dark outside. I have one that i'm forcing, since the sun comes up around 5-6am, I cover it at aprox. 4:30pm, and remove the cover at about 10-11pm. This way I know it's getting at least twelve hours of full darkness. You have to keep in mind that when flowering the plant may double in height, so cover it with something that won't restrict it's upward growth. I also only water right after I remove the cover for the night, this gives the water time to evaporate during the day and helps prevent bud-mold.
  3. thanx for the info clone. I just have a couple more questions.
    I'm a first time grower, please bare with me, all the info you offer is greatly appreciated.

    1. Can I use a black trash bag?.......if so should i completely cover my plants by draping the bag over the pot their in and sealing it off with a rubberband or string.? Will they be able to breathe without any good air circulation.?

    2. I am currently feeding them a plant food with 20/20/20 ratio with micro-nutrients. Should i stop this and when? Should I feed them something different before and during the flower stage?

    3. I live in the desert, it gets around 100 degrees or so here during the day.........what would you recomend I use to cover my plants? How should I do it?

    Thanx again.
  4. 1/ yes

    2/ get something more like 10-50-10 and add when flowering, and stop approx 2 weeks before harvest.

    3/ if it HAS to be done then cover then at night, as long they receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of UNINTERUPTED light, then they will flower....it will help with the heat problem of covering them during the day, and also with the brightness of any leaks of light, during the day..........however bear in mind, this procedure would have to carried out, every day, covering and uncovering for approx 8-10 weeks........that's a long time...........meaning NO going to party's and crtashing out every weekend till noon.......too late by that time dude, you'll run a big risk of turning it hermie.........Peace out..............Sid
  5. thanks sid. You said to switch my fertalizer and continue until 2 weeks before harvest. How will I know when that is and how will I know when to harvest?
  6. Firsts off you are moving in a month and a half so you plant might just reach maturity if you start now but you still wont have the time to dry the buds correctly. adn if yu have a savita it will be 2-3 weeks early when you harvest. move to your new home and grow next year or make an indoor setup.

    If i were you id give my plants away to a close smart friend, give the a crash course and send them here to read up in the overgrow FAQs.
  7. lol....oops i missed the moving in approx 6 weeks.....better to start over, if you don't have access to them after you move.........Peace out........Sid
  8. Cut the whole plant down to clones and take them with you on the move. throw together an areo cloner or 2 adn pack that up also. as soon as you get tou your new place fire up the areo cloner and start rooting once rooted you should have a good 20 plants depending on how many cutings you can get from your plants. Then do an outdoor SOG.
  9. what is SOG and how do i do it?
  10. SOG is Sea Of Green its just a bunch of small plants in one location and it kinda looks like a sea of green plants.

    Heres how you can package your clones sot they survive the trip http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1218
  11. makes sense(SOG). I have another question........My plants are about 3 feet tall and about 2-3 feet wide(pretty bushy), right now they get 16 hours light and 8 hours of darkness. Aproximately, when will they mature and begin to bud and when can I harvest.
  12. Worry about the move first of all. Second they will start to flower around august, depending on your location in the ny,NY latitude of 40N (me) its around mid august.

  13. to be quite honest the move is going to be impossible:
    1. I'm moving to an apartment.
    2. I would love to clone and transport my babies to and indoor grow room, but its just not in the budget right now.

    I live in Los Angeles, Ca(USA) and I was hoping to get some herb naturally before I move. Even if its a little. Will it be possible by the end of september?
  14. its too late the buds wont have alot of thc. im not sayyiing do and indoor grow i ment make clones put them in pots and do an outdoor SOG if you can find a nice spot or you can place the clones in patches of 3 or so all over the forest. you should take a look at a map and see where the nearest forest or woods are to your new apartment. then go there and scope out a spot or spots ahead of time. it can bea full outdoor grow from clones, Im working on an outdoor cloning meathod as we speak. http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?threadid=22450

  15. Just to clarify, SOG is where you grow mothers from seed under 24/0 and take clones, the clones are vegged for a short amount of time under 18/6 which causes them to show sex, the females are then moved to a seperate flowering room, after a while you end up with a perpetual harvest. In other words you are constantly moving clones into the flowering room and constantly harvesting the finished ones.Hence the name Sea of Green. The idea behind keeping the clones small is simply to make more efficient use of space in the flowering chamber. I used this method for 6 yrs with great success.

    If I were you, Blazn., I would just let them grow and harvest when you move. The bud will be immature, but it's better than none.

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