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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Andrewz12, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Yesterday it looked like one of my seeds are starting to flower. I put them out in NorCal bout a month ago and they have been growing a lot. What could cause them to all of a sudden go into flower. I’m at work right now. Will post pics in the morning

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  2. Could be a couple different things. But I've heard you guys in N Cali have had a lot of cloudiness out there and not a lot of sun but a lot of dark days. That can cause early flowering as well.
    It maybe nothing to worry about. But if the sun do start shinning with or at least good day light over 14 hours a day. It maybe a wash? Good luck
  3. 0BFE421F-984D-4D8F-A82D-95EC0C9607E1.jpeg My bad about the late reply. I work to much but I’ll send a pic in the morning. I have about 25 seeds out right now and that’s the only one starting to flower. Thanks for the reply also. Follow my personal garden on insta gram if you have it @headstashfarmzz
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  4. Also had 20 -25mph winds the other day. Some of my plants got torn up and have wind burn
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