Ear Pain For Pitbull

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  1. My dog Petey who is a pit bull mutt has always had a problem with his skin like almost a mild form of Eczema where certain parts of his fur would chaff or grow irritated sometimes enough to partially show his pink skin. But it hasn't gotten too bad until the rainy season hits and the water messes even more with him, his ears especially since they are really really big haha. Recently to help ease the pain until we get him on a new medication to help him combat this I applied some canna lotion which is basically just your run of the mill cannabis infused lotion and I applied a little towards his ears and what seemed over night it already helped treat and endure the pain, up until I noticed when I clean and applied a small amount that a little blood and lotion had crusted together and apparently peeled his fur off to reveal a little bit of his raw skin, I wanted another opinion besides that of my vet and family if he could of had an allergic reaction to the lotion or just throughly clean his fur after applying it so it doesn't harden and stick together, but I wouldn't think it would of peeled it back so much in one day or so. Some feedback would be nice

  2. You really shouldnt be applying lotions of any kind that hasn't been approved by your vet. Especially since you know the dog has sensitive skin!

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  3. if you have any doubts about your vet go to a different one.
    One of my dogs always have ear pain. She is a basset and have long ears.
    Best thing for that is cleaning out the ears every few weeks. The long ears trap the moister and dirt.
    Do you have fleas? Also your Dog may have allergies to the food you give him. Have you tried a differnt brand?
    One of my dogs has a flea allergy. She itches all the time.
    I had another dog get skin mites. That starts off at the bottom like feet and tummy. You will see dandroft and a lot of scratching.

    I don't know but ringworm comes in mind???
    It could be a hot spot. It can be anything. Or nothing. Try a different vet. Some vets are good with giving vaccinations while others are good with a challange
  4. What about ear mites? Explanation

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