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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 29, 2004.

  1. god this shit hurts, i could seriously cry if i knew it would help in anyway, but since it'd prolly jus fuck my ear up more, i gotta deal wit this shit, anybody got any good remedies for an earache minus weed, cuz i don got any money to buy weed.
  2. go to a doctor, they'll give u antibiotics or sumin, or u cud get an earspray from them like i once had wen i had an ear infection, altho mine didnt hurt as much as urs sounds to.
  3. booze and antibiotics
  4. Lacorten-vioform was the stuff the doc gave me a few weeks back, for an ear infection, i hear ya mate, they're sore as hell........second only to severe toothache.........Peace out...........Sid
  5. Second inner ear infection as adult that felt like acute thriving pain or birthing an alien if out of my ear canal. People say antibiotics because that’s what they do with kids, but antibiotics are not typical for adult earaches because it’s typically a virus or sinus infection that filled you ear drum and the swelling of the drain tube going to back of your throat gets shut off or clogged with phelgm. The pain is your ear drum under immense pressure and swelling pushing on inflamed closed tube. I get to near faint from pressure because l have one bad ear. If l get a cold it blocks tube so I act fast. I am presently suffering. I have prescriptions for 600mg ibuprofen and codeine and have been taking them at max dosage. I am also gargling with salt water, drinking hot water and herbal tea all day, using Afrin nasal spray, used herbal ear drops and then clove oil to calm inflamed drum and clean canal, and taking pseudoephedrine every 4 hrs. The pain is hardly aided. I have had a heating pad on jaw and ear and lain in bed all day with bad ear up. It has drained but it still refills and my drum still hurts. I smoked green dragon extract co. Gorilla Glue ( 3 way cross, not sure profile). It took pain down 3 notches yesterday. Today l was given pure cbd gummies. I took 2, which is a higher dose and there was zero effect on pain.
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    The best most Important treatments are the hot pad, laying with ear up or sitting with head not looking down until drains, and 600mg ibuprofen every 4hrs to drop swelling.
  7. This thread was posted 14 years ago I'm pretty sure their ears are fine by now.
  8. Pee n a cup n pour some in you ear
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