Eagle Beaks 12/12 From Seed Micro Cab.

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    Hey all, i've been lurking around a bit and thought I'd finally post something about my little cabinet, now that I have something worth showing.

    The cabinet I found by the side of the road, and I have 130w cfl. Passive intake in the floor PC fans for exhaust and blowing on the plants. Dimensions are about 2x1' and I have 18" from floor to the light.

    Its my first indoor grow, I've done a couple outdoor seasons about ten years ago.
    I'm running my lights 12/12 from seed and the big girl in the pictures showed sex 2 days ago and is now throwing out pistils like there's no tomorrow. I killed her brother about 4 days ago.

    $3 potting mix
    Miracle gro ferts
    Seaweed extract

    comments and questions welcome. Cheers guys.
    2013-06-05 13.27.24.jpg
    2013-06-05 13.35.01.jpg

  2. looking nice buddy
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    Ok, More pics to come when I can organise a better camera.
    The big girl is now on day 6 of flower and is doing really well.  I removed a couple of fan leaves to let more light through to the lower branches, and I've trained her to keep the canopy as even as possible giving me 8 budsites.
    Her little sister is also doing well at about 12 days old. I think i slightly overwatered her, but nothing serious.  Her first true leaves are starting to pale slightly so she will get her first feed in about 3-4 days.  I am debating whether or not to train her.  I may just let her grow up and compare yield with her sister.
    I had another seedling pop up 3 days ago, this is a different bagseed strain that I have been smoking the past 3 weeks, we'll call it Walt Widow.  Very excited to see the difference.
    Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun growing this way, and  being that its somewhat perpetual hopefully I can keep myself and my girlfriend smokin' on the weekends for nothing.
    *I forgot to mention I'm growing in 1L pots, I am going to try and find something larger in future.
    The big girl is sitting in a container with about 3/4" gap at the bottom and the roots have grown through. I have been feeding her 2-3 times a day with about 30ml nute solution directly to these roots for about a week now, is it too little, too much?. She seems happy and the only time i've watered from above in that time was to flush the soil a couple of days ago
  4. I got a couple of decent pics with the phone.  
    These I call The Ruckas
    2013-06-09 07.10.25.jpg
    2013-06-09 07.10.47.jpg
    And this is my Walt Widow
    2013-06-09 07.11.16.jpg
  5. A picture of my 3 girls in the cab this morning.  My big girl is about a week into flowering and is doing fantastic. The pistils seem to double daily.
    2013-06-09 14.20.49.jpg
  6. 8 days Flowering
    2013-06-11 07.05.44.jpg
    3 Happy healthy girls
    2013-06-11 07.16.54.jpg
    2013-06-11 07.17.14.jpg
  7. very lovely. i cant wait to see what a 130 watt fluor can produce!
  8. A couple more pics.  Day 9 of flower for my big girl, her little sister isn't too far behind, i expect her to show sex in the next week or so.
    2013-06-12 09.43.02.jpg
    2013-06-12 09.43.29.jpg
    2013-06-12 09.46.35.jpg
  9. Not much to report, we are at day 11 since she first showed sex and she is doing as well as i could hope. She has stretched like crazy and I have been LSTing likke a madman and she now has 11 tops. I am also starting to see trichromes appearing today.
    2013-06-14 14.37.13.jpg
    2013-06-14 14.37.35.jpg
  10. nice..soon the first swell will begin
  11. Quick update. The younger sibling of my flowering plant showed her girly parts today, I repotted her a couple of days ago and she's is in a put twice the size of her older sister, so I'll be interested to see the difference in yields between the two.
  12. Looks very nice, when did you begin to LST them?
  13. Hey thanks for stopping by, I started lst at about 15 days, or around the fifth node.
  14. Day 14 flowering.  I took some pics outside with natural light to try and compensate for my shitty camera a little bit.
    I am training at this point more so to keep the branches away from each other than to control height.  I've manage to keep a very even canopy.
    2013-06-17 10.37.25.jpg
    2013-06-17 10.37.37.jpg
    2013-06-17 10.37.49.jpg
    2013-06-17 10.38.03.jpg
  15. looks amazing. you setup a lot of colas without cutting her away, and she is a nice green. great work bro
  16. thanks bamman, I've had to stay attentive and am training her most days, I think I've cut away maybe 5 fan leaves altogether.  
    And to elaborate a little more on the question earlier about when I started training, I'd say about 90% of the LST was done since she's been in flowering.
  17. Day 17 of flower for the big girl, I'm starting to see a lot of trichromes and she is starting to smell very fruity.
    Her little sister is day 4 flowering and looks a lot more indica dominant than her older sister.,.
    2013-06-19 08.41.08.jpg
    2013-06-19 08.42.57.jpg
    2013-06-19 08.42.02.jpg
  18. Ok, here we are at Day 25 of flower for the big girl and day 11 for her little sister.  Pictures aren't the greatest but they are both coming along beautifully.
    2013-06-28 07.03.57.jpg
    2013-06-28 07.04.56.jpg
  19. Also I had a visit from a friend yesterday (coincidentally the beans I'm growing came from his last outdoor grow.) who convinced me I can probably get a bit more out of my little space than what this method will afford me, so i'm thinking about wrapping it up once these two are done, as he said he'd help me with a little DWC setup and I'm thinking I'll do a 2 plant scrog.
    I'm thinking about ordering some seeds for this and am looking for input on a good strain.  keeping in mind I have about 1.5 square feet of floorspace and about 18" height.  I'm looking for something potent, high yielding and easy to grow, and obviously a stable strain suitable for Scrogging..  Smell is not a huge issue, nor is flower time, i am a patient man. 
  20. looks great dude!

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