EA Presents M.M.A.

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    Heard about this the other day, the roster looks good. Fedor, Gracie, Shamrock Brothers, Couture, etc... if EA doesn't kill this game with bad controls it should give THQ a reason to up their game


    * Takanori Gomi (World Victory Road)
    * Nick Diaz (EliteXC/DREAM)
    * Marcelo Garcia (freelance)
    * Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (Shooto)
    * Joachim Hansen (DREAM)
    * Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett (EliteXC)
    * K.J. Noons (EliteXC)
    * Yves Edwards (EliteXC)
    * Cory Mahon (HDNet Fights)
    * Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce)
    * Chris Horodecki (IFL)
    * Ryan Schultz (IFL)
    * Wagnney Fabiano (IFL)


    * Josh Haynes (IFL)
    * Jay Hieron (IFL)
    * Jeremy Jackson (freelance)
    * Jake Shields (Strikeforce)
    * Jason Von Flue (Strikeforce)
    * Gideon Ray (IFL)
    * Nick Thompson (World Victory Road)
    * Duane Ludwig (freelance)
    * Kazushi Sakuraba (freelance)
    * Royce Gracie (freelance)


    * Frank Shamrock (Strikeforce)
    * Joey Villasenor (EliteXC)
    * Kala Hose (EliteXC)
    * Phil Baroni (Strikeforce)
    * Renzo Gracie (EliteXC/IFL)
    * Robbie Lawler (EliteXC)
    * Frank Trigg (HDNet Fights)
    * Jason Miller (DREAM)
    * Edwin Dewees (freelance)
    * Dennis Hallman (freelance)
    * Cung Le (Strikeforce)
    * Joe Riggs (freelance)
    * Jorge Santiago (Strikeforce)
    * Benji Radach (IFL)
    * Matt Horwich (IFL)
    * Ryan McGivern (IFL)

    Light Heavyweight

    * Ken Shamrock (freelance)
    * Tito Ortiz (presumably ex-UFC)
    * Murilo "Ninja" Rua (EliteXC)
    * Alistair Overeem (Strikeforce)
    * Vitor Belfort (Cage Rage)
    * Renato "Babalu" Sobral (freelance)
    * Bobby Southworth (Strikeforce)
    * Mike Whitehead (IFL)
    * Vladimir Matyushenko (IFL)


    * Randy Couture (freelance)
    * Fedor Emelianenko (Affliction)
    * Tim Sylvia (Affliction)
    * Andrei Arlovski (freelance)
    * Antonio Silva (EliteXC)
    * Kimbo Slice (EliteXC)
    * Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (freelance)
    * Ricco Rodriguez (YAMMA)
    * Tank Abbott (freelance)
    * Paul Buentello (Strikeforce)
    * Ben Rothwell (freelance)
    * Josh Barnett (World Victory Road)
    * Mirko Filipovic (freelance)
    * Daniel Puder (Strikeforce)
    * Bob Sapp (freelance)
    * Antoine Jaoude (IFL)
    * Roy Nelson (IFL)
    * Brad Imes (freelance)

  2. Is that the legit roster?, I thought they were just announcing they were making the game BUT DAMN source??
  3. fucking everybody is obsessed with mma all of a sudden
  4. Fuck EA! Don't buy it. why? Because EA said that UFC was for kiddies and wan't popular.

    Buy UFC.

  5. I'd rather have a game with good fighters :smoke:
  6. ill stick with UFC
  7. If Nick Diaz is in it I'll try it

  8. Oh, he will be in it :D:D:D
  9. there gonna fuck it up they know they have to try something new with it so there gonna try to overachieve and what will happen? Fight night round 4 will happen WOMPPP

  10. Try something new, dude the controls will be much better than the UFC game. THQ made the controls very similair to the old UFC and Pride games. EA will probably put better ground controls and maybe stand up instead of mashing A and B. Don't hate on EA because they finally want to do an MMA game. It's going to be good and better then UFC imho
  11. Its EA sports man how could it be bad their in the game.
  12. It's gonna surpass UFC UNDISPUTED...one word...FEDOR!!!
  13. It's too bad dana white is a prick and this game couldnt get some UFC fighters.

    Lets hope the online in this game isnt as shitty as UFC.

    EDIT: Oh hell yes my boy Cro Cops in this game.
  14. i was hyped for this game untill i seen that roster i only know a handful of those fighters compared to all the big names in the ufc game
  15. Until you seen the roster? there is no "official" roster yet bro.
  16. These things will never be realistic. Look at them grappling when they grab, straight from the THQ 64 games.

    You watch the Undisputed gameplay and they still look so robotic. EA will realllly have to pull off some incredible shit to match the speed and intensity and other factors that make MMA so exciting.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZQK5RK-4mo]YouTube - UFC Undisputed 2009: Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson Full Fight Gameplay[/ame]
  17. I can really understand why Dana White is pissed. UFC came to EA and EA pretty much insulted the UFC and MMA. Quite simply, UFC Undisputed came out and was a hit, so EA decided they wanted a piece of the cake. I'm sure the EA game will have much better controls than the THQ game, but without those licensed fighters, it'll be a miss for sure.
  18. Fuck EA

    bandwagon mothafckers

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