EA is a bunch of greedy ********

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  1. How playing Madden online could cost you $10 - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games

    This right here is ridiculous. Not that I play madden but EA is always doing something to make that extra $. I hope this isnt a trend that catches on with any other yearly games. Some people cant afford the new games and have to wait for last years game to be cheap used. This just makes the game that much less affordable. Its already a YEARLY game why the need to charge extra?
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    Fuck EA i just bought Fifa and it cost me almost 65 bills, aint that shit been out since October 09?? I shouldnt have gave them the money but I had jus hit sum kush i wasint thinkin right...

    didnt read what you posted im about to right now..

    Ight thats stupid, fuck EAS
  3. it is what it is. i'll just be spending the same $60 on mine.
  4. Soon its gonna be like you gonna pay fucking .5 cents, not 5 cents .5 cents just to get online in any game so it seems like nothing then eventually you got a fucking 500 dollar bill comin in the end of the year or some serious shit. You know they only did that cause they figure most peeps wanna play online now a days and as soon as that game hits its trade in date, like 6 months to a year after its release, peeps will be payin 10 bucks just to get online, cause the game will be like 10-15 bucks cheaper for used value, its so fucking stupid, but its a genious money making plot
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    What it is, is bullshit.

    This kind of thing is the last thing we need. We dont need other game developers charging you to play their games after charging you to play their games.
  6. I've hated EA since they shut down Motor City Online to pump out more unoriginal shooters and the like from their gaping assholes.
  7. Games turned Cell Phone contracts awaits us; soon they will be charging by the minute.

    10 mins of EA Madden 2011 Online = $99.99 + tax, $12.99 for every additional minute, long distance rates do not apply.
  8. This devalues every game we buy by $10.

    This means I want $50 games again. Not $60.
  9. people in the USA dont pay the $10. read the article. they give you an access code in the manual. u had 2 do the same thing 4 madden 10. & who buys last years madden u try 2 find a game & there's like 5 people playing it

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