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  1. I love smoking, but I hate hacking up phlegm and tar.. So I was thinking of checking out an e-cig. Anyone out there actually try it? Only person I kinda know who tried it had some kind of special medical condition in his lungs or some shit to where the e-cig made it worse or something like that.. All the reviews online are sales pitches. Would like someone's honest experience on them. If they are good to go, which one?
  2. I had a greensmoke E-cig, but it broke because of my own actions, not the products issue.

    It was actually pretty nice... get big fat vapor rips, with a good choice of flavors, i usually used tobacco flavor cause smoking on vanilla or strawberry or chocolate when you want a cig, just doesnt cut it lol.... Held a charge (i got the long battery, it has a cheaper short battery available, but it needs frequent recharging) for a good bit, i could generally get the battery to last all day after i adjusted to the e cig, first few days/week i was puffing it all day long, a, because it was interesting as hell, and b, because it isnt smoking so i needed more to feel satisfied....

    Im actually going to be buying a new battery (only the battery broke) soon and quit smoking again lol... but Green Smoke is a great e-cig, from my experience hahaha
  3. I'll check them out. I used to eat wheatgrass and am sure it was all in my head, but for the monthish time I was eating it, I had zero urge to smoke and went cold turkey. Drama ensued that made my grab a pack of smokes. So I am thinking of growing it again and eating it and testing to see if it really did help. If that fails, I am going to grab an e-cig fo sho.
  4. I have a E-Cig. I bought it a little over a year ago, I did quit for 6 months but picked up cigarettes again because I had my wife smoking around me daily and I couldn't take it any longer. I actually really enjoyed it.

    I have the Njoy and I plan to take it back up once I'm back to work in a couple of weeks. I have a few links to some boards and suppliers for them also if you're interested. The supplies are MUCH cheaper online than in the stores. I paid $60.00 for my starter kit at a brick and mortar store and ended up finding the same thing online for like $30.00.

    I liked the different flavors and would switch them up. I also liked how you can control the nicotine content and and up with no nicotine if you choose.

  5. hey manti they're mad nice. Get the brand Volcanoes. I dont smoke cigs, but i sure will puff on a electronic one:smoking: i recommend them for any smoker
  6. e-cigs are pretty nice actually but it lacks the feeling of a thick smoke
  7. You're for sure on the east coast haha

  8. Have you used any of the cheap ones? I saw one at a gas station for 10$, thinking about gettin it

  9. Haha nope, i mean, i guess i could have haha, but ive never purchased one and tried it
  10. Yes. Yes it does :( If only there was more vapor, then it would be a better hit.

  11. The green smoke produced a ton of vapor man... shits tight

  12. Where did you find that? I'm willing to check another option out. The Njoy is good when fresh with a new battery and cartridge, but to me it starts to fade kinda fast.
  13. They aren't satisfying in my opinion.
    They don't even taste good.
  14. You need to get a good one. I got a cig2o one and you can pull choker hits from it. I get the menthol ones and they taste more like spearmint gum than a menthol cig, but they work great for me at least. I can't even smoke a real cigarette anymore, they just taste absolutely disgusting and leave a shit taste in your mouth after not smoking em for so long. I'm currently down to the lowest nicotine level cartridges, working on getting totally off nicotine with it, but it's nice to be able to breathe properly in the meantime.
  15. Ok. I have had a question, that I have had for a while. A buddy of mine got an nJoy and it came with a card that said if you present this card at an airport you can take it on the plane. I feel like the TSA an the airlines would laugh at you.
  16. I took mine on the plane. TSA asked me how I liked it. Smoked it too, but not openly. YOu can take smaller hits, and then inhale a lot of air afterwards and hold it for a few seconds and not blow anything out, plus it's not harmful cuz it's just water vapor.

    edit: i didn't need any card.
  17. I took a couple drags off my friend's v2 and it tasted exactly like mints, it was wonderful!
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    Oh sweet. Well I'm getting one, I have a series of long flights coming up. Sounds good. Go take a shit and smoke a cigarette and read the newspaper. Be just like at home.
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    Let me apologize for the length of this post... I enjoy my e-cig, and I'm not even a (tobacco) smoker :) So anyone who's not very interested in them, I'm sorry for the 'wall-o-text', feel free to skip it :p

    They are fantastic for quitting tobacco, but some people are more addicted to the byproducts of combustion, than they realize. Almost as much, if not more so, than they are addicted to the nicotine. E-cigs are still very helpful for quitting smoking, I've turned a few friends and acquaintances on to them myself and I've seen each of them put the analogs down almost entirely, if not all together, after just a few months. Even cutting back is good for you to start with, if you can't make yourself stop all together.

    They definitely deliver nicotine to your system, some folks during the quitting process use nicotine testing kits (similar to any home drug testing kit) to monitor their progress, and to check the level of delivery provided by their e-cigs. You just have to accept that, just like vaporizing canna, it's a somewhat different experience.

    Fortunately, to help make up for whatever you may miss about the smoke, they've got tons of delicious flavors, and your own personal DIY e-liquid blends are very easy to make... I like to use mine when I have a sweet tooth, but don't have the stomach to eat something :)

    The only real hazard when it comes to e-cigs, are all the knock-offs of popular name brands. These are the items which initially sparked concerns over potential carcinogens, and toxic and mutagenic properties.. tests were performed in the early 00's on randomly purchased e-cig equipment, and something like %70 of the products tested at the time, produced hazardous results.

    Most e-cigs come from china to begin with, and there's nothing wrong with that per sey, but there are almost as many factories over there pumping out nearly-identical knock-off's, made with incredibly inferior materials, in order to cut down on their own costs and under-cut the more reputable manufacturers. Small online US vendors and local mall shops alike, buy from these guys just to save a few dimes, and they don't always pass the savings on to you.
    So if a deal on a name-brand kit seems too good to be true, it's all the more likely that it is, and it's very probably a fake. Expect to spend at least $50 - $60 on a low-end, but safe starter kit, and it should last you a few months if you take good care of it.

    I've never smoked tobacco much myself, the odd cigar every few years, so mine are for canna-use only... I decided I needed a healthier, portable option, besides blunts and joints. My daily intake is relatively high, but I've only ever noticed a difficulty with coughing when enough papers and wraps were involved over the course of a day.
    Using e-cigs with hash tincture instead when I'm on the move, took care of that. :)

    Not that I recommend medicating while driving, but I have corded car-lighter battery adapters, USB chargers for the car, laptop and computers... it can be a lot of fun to accessorize once you get into them, and with the adapters you save plenty on the cost of battery replacements.

    I don't recommend any particular brand.. that, and I don't want to come off any more like a sales person, than I already have, lol.

    I bought a ton of replacement parts for the 510 back when they finally released a model I liked, and these days there are more interesting incompatible, and compatible options, such as the 'tanks' that hold and dispense greater volumes of liquid/tincture as you vape (I promised someone that I wouldn't invest more money in e-cigs, until all my supplies have kicked the bucket.. they're considered 'disposable' but they really do last for ages, with steady use, if you're good to them)..

    So if you're worried about potentially unhealthy fakes, or if you'd like more up to date help finding a reputable vendor, check out the big e-cig forum, ECF. You'll probably get more experienced, and relevant replies, especially concerning nicotine and e-liquids, from an entire forum full of folks who use e-cigs regularly.

    This should help guide you through the process if you're interested in using them for both nicotine, as well as canna/medicating purposes...

    Photo Tutorial: Glycerin Hash & Canna Tincture, w/ Dosage & Ratio Information

    (photo excerpts from the tutorials...)





    Hash Glycerin Tincture E-Cig Tutorial




    Have fun, and good luck! [​IMG]
  20. ^kick ass never would have thought!!!

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