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  1. i ended up getting an electronic cigarette since i was trying to find a substitute for regular cigarettes, and i thought they were neat devices. I was blown away when i got a crap load of vapor off it and the flavors i picked out somewhat resembled fresh unburnt tobacco flavor. it was like tasting something desirable in a cigarette, not that harsh ashy gritty taste of a real one, but the warm undertones of it.

    I was completely impressed, so I took it over to my dad's house to show him. he's been smoking 47 years and is a two pack a day smoker and i wish that was an exaggeration. he'll smoke four cigarettes by the time he's finished his morning coffee. it's scary to hear him have a coughing fit, it sounds like he's either going to puke or die. he couldn't believe the amount of vapor that came off it, he was actually getting a 'hit' and it seemed to actually satisfy his craving. he ordered one right then and there.

    he started using it this week, same setup as i have, but in white to resemble his choice cigarette. he hasn't had a fucking cigarette since monday. it is unfuckingbelievable. i did my research before buying an e-cig, because in no way was i going to waste $60 on something that wasn't completely worth it. anyone who smokes cigarettes on a regular basis knows going for extended times without them is unnerving and the thought of quitting is daunting to say the least. he just switched over like it was nothing, ended up lighting up a few cigarettes out of habit and then putting them out. i can't say i feel great about getting my dad addicted to something different, but it sure as hell a lot better than cigarettes. i don't want to sound like i'm advertising anything, but i highly recommend the joye 510. this thing could sell itself, no one can believe it when they see my dad. i'm so stoked he's cut out "analogue" cigarettes, if not forever, at least a few days.
  2. i'm curious as to what the "best" e-cig is because i'm really interested in starting to use those instead.

    it'll be WAY WEIRD when i'm driving and not having to ash out the window
  3. it's so much of a pain in the ass to smoke and drive, i get ashes everywhere, and i have a somewhat nice car that i want to keep clean. i have the 510 with the manual battery, so you just press the battery down and inhale, then release the button. i can take the hit at will, i'm not busy trying to stuff the cigarette in my mouth before i take a turn so i don't waste the entire thing just letting it burn lol. i can just drop it back in my lap until i feel like taking another drag. i've used a few e-cigs in person and i can plainly state they are not all created equally by any means. my dad's first one he bought before i showed him mine was absolute trash, totally ruined his impression of them. the "western" flavor cartridges tasted like someone lit a cat on fire and put it out with diluted shoe polish, and all that nastiness was stuffed into a tiny tiny puff of vapor. i can't find any e-cigs with better reviews than the 510 other than some custom modified ones with crazy high voltage battery setups and what not. it can makes clouds and tastes like a flavored cigarette, but clean and pure tasting.

    as a note: i'm not condoning use of this thing unless you're already smoking cigarettes, if you're not addicted to nicotine already, stay away from it.
  4. I was looking up some and I read about Green Smoke - i wonder if anyone's tried this brand? It looks to be the best among the rest...
  5. u can prolly put hash oil in it, that would be sick
  6. i have wanted one of these for so long. im glad to hear they are as wicked as they sound!
  7. i found this video that made me go and buy the Green Smoke... super excited. also found a 15% off promo code and got the "social smoker" (since i figure i'm always near a charging source and only need 1 battery) and the 8 flavor tobacco sampler for $120 including shipping..

    if this is as awesome as i hope i'm going to stop buying cigarettes and save a decent amount of $$

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nXVFj4Qkww"]YouTube- Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette | Grab Your 10% Discount Here[/ame]
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    You can drop hash oil onto it and get baked very discretely. I have many friends that do it between classes.
  9. I don't smoke, seems cool though. Would buy one if I money and a job, could be a cool peice.
  10. Does anybody know if you can buy them in canada? I've looked everywhere and havent found anything. Although I did hear from my aunt that someone she works with has one, so hearing that peaked my interest. Im pretty sure its not legal to sell them in canada yet, but can you get them through the internet?

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