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E-Cigarettes And Vape Pens

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pc791, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anybody could help me out I am currently producing some qwiso and wanted to get a vape pen to use with it as I'm sure everyone knows that most of the vape pens sold specifically for weed are just rebranded ecigarettes so I was wondering if I bought an eGo c or something if it would work just as well as the other more expensive vape pens or if the vape pens that say they can do full melt concentrates are actually uniquely designed or if I can just put my qwiso in an eGo and be just as happy?

  2. They make a dry chamber for the e-go just for that purpose. You can also get a variable power battery. :smoke:
  3. cheers man, do you know how discreet the iso is out of the vape pens? is it a good idea to get some of the e-juice to help mask the smell or give it some flavor? =)
  4. and you wouldnt possibly have a website that sells the dry chamber do you?
  5. not heaps keen on the gllycerin based one I was looking for an e-cigarette that all I need to do is load the concentrate and go I think I will need a cartomizer and not an atomizer
  6. What about Micro G pen?
  7.        I have owned a handful of these pens. They all pretty much do the same thing whether its Micro G, Vape Pen, Clear, Atmos, or Fogpen. That being said since the products being sold are pretty much all identical in how they function I judge the pens by how easy / friendly the replacement/ return department treats me. So far I have had to replace at least one thing on each of these pens, However Fogpen was the only company that sent me an excess of needed replacement parts.
            My Fogpen battery was not functioning and not lighting up like it was suppose to. So I got in contact with their customer service via email and mentioned that the battery was not lighting up. They told me to try and charge it through the USB cable; I did this and found that the battery was not being charged. After some back and forth via email they told me that they would be shipping out replacement battery. I received the package a couple days later and opened it up to find that they had given me an extra USB charger, Battery, and 5 extra dry plant cartridges and inside the package was a note that said:
    "Sorry for your fogpen battery breaking on you, It seems we were unsure whether the charger was functioning or not. We have sent you an extra charger as well as 5 brand new cartridges for you to test your newly replaced parts"
             My experience in the past with other companies have never been like this. They tried to resolve the issue without replacing the parts at first, but after that attempt met a wall not only did they replace my non working battery they also sent me an extra charger along with extra 5 cartridges for dry plant matter. After this I have been an avid supporter of Myster and his Fogpen. Companies like these deserve praise and deserve my hard earned money. They don't cut corners and they went above and beyond to fix my problem.
    FOGPEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just make a glycerin tincture instead of iso. Works great in the ego style pens.
  9. #10 nascarfan, Oct 12, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2013
    Yeah you're gonna need some sort of dry chamber specially made for this purpose. Qwiso turns out as a solid. Traditional ecig equipment requires liquid of specific consistancy, and the liquid has to be completely homogenious. Try and use the wrong liquid and you'll just ruin your equipment and burn your liquid. You'd need a very high quality tincture to use traditional ecig equipment; even then things gunk up pretty dang fast.
    Take it from an nicotine vaporizer user, stick to products specifically made for marijuana and marijuana concentrates. Now that said, all these batteries are the same. Have your pick of batteries. Branded for nicotine use, or whatever. But the delivery device needs to be specific to marijuana products unless you've got a damn good tincture.
    No sir, your concentrate will be solid. You need liquid for a cartomizer (or atomizer). And it really does need to be homogenous and clean (free of debree and plant matter). The way cartomizers work is that the liquid saturates pollyfill, that holds the liquid against the heating coil. When you activate the battery, the coil heats up and vaporizes the liquid. Even with cartos, any solid will just burn on the carto coil.

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